5: Golden Offering

objective-5-logoRealizing an increase in annual giving for the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions that reaches at least $3 million by 2024

Is Tennessee a Mission Field?
Yes! Tennessee is a mission field ripe and ready for churches to engage. “The light that shines the farthest is the one that shines the brightest at home”

Here are the basic components of the strategy:

  • Create awareness among TBC churches that Tennessee is a Mission Field.
  • Share the success of the GOTM story through multimedia.
  • Expand the number of churches that give to GOTM.
  • Raise the profile of and commitment to the GOTM Week of Prayer.
  • Provide tools and training to ministry leaders on how to effectively communicate and become promoters of the value of GOTM.

2017-2018 Promotional Videos

2017-2018 Printable Promotional Materials

History of the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions

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