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News for Wednesday, October 13, 2010

During annual meeting Nov. 9-10
TBC messengers to consider 50/50 CP distribution with SBC
By Lonnie Wilkey
Baptist and Reflector

BRENTWOOD — Messengers to the annual meeting of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, set for Nov. 9-10 at Grace Baptist Church in Knoxville, will consider a motion to move toward a 50/50 distribution of Cooperative Program funds with the Southern Baptist Convention.

In addition, messengers will welcome new executive director/treasurer Randy Davis, elect a new slate of officers, adopt a new budget, consider a new strategic plan, hear numerous reports from TBC entities and act on a variety of business matters during the two-day gathering in Knoxville.

The convention program also will feature messages from two new leaders (Davis and Frank Page, president of the SBC Executive Committee), convention president Poly Rouse and David Green, pastor of First Baptist Church, Greeneville, who will preach the annual convention sermon.

50/50 distribution

The recommendation to move to a 50/50 allocation of funds comes from the TBC Executive Board which approved the multi-faceted motion during its September meeting.

The recommendation developed out of a Board action in 2007 when it instructed the Budget and Ministry Committee to “study the potential of moving to a 50 percent allocation of Cooperative Program funds to the SBC.”

A sub-committee was appointed. An initial report was presented to the Board last September, but a recommendation was made to delay the report until after the report of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force at the SBC this year.

The six-part recommendation is as follows:

(1) That the Tennessee Baptist Convention honor and affirm the Cooperative Program as the most effective means of mobilizing our churches to penetrate lostness and push back spiritual darkness in Tennessee, North America and the world.

(2) That the Executive Board of the TBC urgently encourage TBC churches to give sacrificially through the Cooperative Program in a manner sufficient to achieve a 50/50 allocation between the TBC and SBC recognizing expenses for Cooperative Program promotion and administration.

(3) That the Budget and Ministry Committee begin making percentage adjustments to move towards 50/50 beginning no later than the 2012-2013 budget year and continue in a manner and over a time frame so as to enhance, not inhibit, the ministry of the TBC as well as the SBC.

(4) That the specific plan for achieving the desired allocation be a product of the proposed Strategic Planning Team for the TBC.

(5) That state missionary staff continue to assist churches in stewardship training (using 10 percent as a foundational place to start) and promote cooperative missions enterprises through the Cooperative Program.

(6) That the Budget and Ministry Committee continue to monitor the giving of TBC churches and the impact of adjusted percentage allocations through an appropriate subcommittee or other means.

Davises to be welcomed

Messengers will be provided an opportunity to welcome Randy Davis, who began July 1 as the TBC executive director/treasurer, and his wife Jeanne.

Davis will deliver the TBC executive director’s message on Tuesday night, Nov. 9.

Participating in the service will be Lon Shoopman, president of the TBC Executive Board and pastor of First Baptist Church, Madisonville, and Bobby Welch, former pastor of First Baptist Church, Daytona Beach, Fla., and a member of the SBC Executive Committee staff.

A reception in Grace Baptist’s fellowship hall will follow.

Election of officers

Messengers also will elect the president of the Tennessee Baptist Convention for 2010-11.

Current TBC President Poly Rouse, pastor of Hermitage Hills Baptist Church, Hermitage, began serving in July following the election of Davis as TBC executive director. Davis was elected convention president last November while Rouse was vice president.

Rouse told the Baptist and Reflector last week that he would allow his nomination for a full term.

Because the convention is held in East Tennessee this year, messengers would normally elect someone from Middle Tennessee as president.

William Maxwell, TBC administrative director, told the B&R in July that “there are no constitutional or bylaw components that address the grand division residency of the president. That is purely a tradition.”

In addition, Maxwell said the “constitution and bylaws (of the TBC) contain no provisions relative to limiting the terms for which a president could serve.”

Simply put, completing Davis’ term would not disqualify Rouse from being elected in November.

Rouse will be nominated for the presidency by David Leavell, pastor of First Baptist Church, Millington.

During the last budget year, Hermitage Hills gave $353,247.95 through the Cooperative Program. Rouse said the amount represented 11 percent of HHBB’s undesignated receipts.

Rouse said he has “enjoyed partnering with Randy Davis and I believe it will be advantageous for me to continue in this role as we have begun the past few months putting some plans together that will benefit the future of Tennessee Baptists.

“If Tennessee Baptists would like for me to continue in this role I will continue to support Randy in his first year as Executive Director and begin some implementation of vision casting and dreaming that is needed to give proper leadership to the future of our convention.

Messengers also will elect two vice presidents as well as the recording and registration secretaries.

2010 budget

Messengers will consider a budget of $36,500,000 for 2010-11, an increase of $500,000, an increase of 1.4 percent over the current budget. Sixty percent of the budget is for TBC missions and ministries with 40 percent forwarded to the SBC for national and international ministries. See copy of budget presented below.

The budget recommendation which was adopted also includes a $1 million challenge budget, which if met, would be divided evenly for SBC and TBC causes.

Strategic Planning Team

Messengers also will have the opportunity to consider a new strategic plan for the convention.

In September, the Executive Board adopted a recommendation from the Administrative Committee for the authorization of a TBC Vision 2021 Strategic Planning Team which would be appointed by Executive Director Randy Davis, the 2011 TBC president and the 2011 TBC Executive Board president.

The planning team will include a “balanced representation” of Tennessee Baptists and will provide periodic reports to the Executive Board and a final report to the messengers at the 2011 TBC annual meeting.

The Strategic Planning Team is to be chartered with the following mission:

(1) Serve as a forum within the life of Tennessee Baptists to discern the preferred future for impacting the harvest field called Tennessee and guide Tennessee Baptists in living out this reality.

(2) Study how Tennessee Baptists can work together more faithfully and effectively in serving Christ through the Great Commission.

(3) Review and recommend to messengers ways that Tennessee Baptists can improve our strategy, structure and funding base in order to reach the next generation and the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

(4) Develop a clear vision for the TBC and a strategic implementation process to achieve that vision within the next 10 years, for recommendation to messengers.

TBC partnerships

TBC messengers will consider the extension of partnerships with the Montana Southern Baptist Convention through December of 2012 and the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary through December of 2013. They will also consider the extension of a connection with the Iowa Baptist Convention through December of 2012.


Resolutions, including those sent to the Committee on Resolutions prior to the Convention,  must be submitted during a business session only by registered messengers.

Resolutions must be submitted no later than the last miscellaneous business session of the  first day of the Convention.

Only titles of proposed resolutions shall be read into the record when presented, but the full resolution must be in writing and submitted to the presiding officer, recording secretary and  the Committee on Resolutions.

Individuals wishing to submit resolutions are encouraged to submit them prior to the TBC meeting by sending them to Committee on Resolutions, TBC Executive Board Ministries, P. O. Box 728, Brentwood, TN 37024.

Rules of order

Messengers are reminded of the following rules of order for the convention as stated in the bylaws.

Rules of Order  (Bylaw II. B)

2.    Standing Rules

a.    All motions and resolutions shall be submitted to the presiding officer and recording secretary in writing, legibly signed by the maker and shall include the name, address, church and contact phone number during the Convention, of the person submitting the same. Such person may appear before the committee to which the motion is referred to provide supplemental information and shall be available as deemed necessary by the committee. 

b.    In order to obtain the floor, each messenger shall approach a microphone, and when acknowledged by the chair, shall address the chair, give his or her name and church and state the general nature of his or her reason for wishing to be recognized — (For example, stating whether he or she wishes to speak for or against the pending item, asking a question, raising procedural issues or introducing an item of business). The messenger shall then wait to be recognized by the chair.

c.    All messengers who participate in the business sessions of the Convention shall conduct themselves in keeping with the stated purposes in the Constitution of the Tennessee Baptist Convention.

d.    Discussion, debate and nominating speeches shall be limited to three minutes for each speaker.

e.    No messenger shall speak more than once on the same question until all have spoken who wish to do so.

f.    The chair shall recognize messengers wishing to speak to each side of the question alternately.

Other items

Registration — Online registration is currently underway on the TBC website at www.tnbaptist.org. Registration at Grace Baptist Church in Knoxville will be held in the main hallway of the lower level sanctuary on Monday from noon-8 p.m. Registration also will be available on Tuesday from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. and on Wednesday from 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Childcare — Childcare will be available from Monday afternoon (Nov. 8) through Wednesday afternoon (Nov. 10) for ages birth to 5 years old. Register children at the Family Life Center desk on the sanctuary level. Each child will receive a brightly colored bracelet with a tear off portion which you will present at pick up. Meals will not be provided, but a snack will be provided. For more information, please contact the church at (865) 691-8886.

Convention office — The phone number for the convention office is (865) 342-3924.

Lunch — Hot lunches will be available for messengers on Tuesday and Wednesday. See menu in convention week activities (see link below).

Streaming video — A streaming video of convention session will be available online at www.tnbaptist.org.

List of activities and the annual meeting schedule.

List of convention-related activities & information.

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