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News for Wednesday, November 10, 2010

At Linden Valley Conference Center
‘Hearts Awaken’ campaign launched for new worship facility
By Baptist and Reflector

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BRENTWOOD — The Tabernacle, a long time staple of Linden Valley Conference Center in Linden, is no more.

The facility, which was heavily damaged by the May flood, is in the process of being torn down and removed.

The Executive Board of the Tennessee Baptist Convention approved in September a plan to begin the process of constructing a new 500-seat auditorium which will serve as the primary worship center at the camp. The facility as currently planned will provide about 11,000 square feet of space for use, said William Maxwell, TBC administrative director. Without a new worship center there is no facility on campus that can accommodate the number of children and youth who come to camp during the individual weeks of summer, he noted.

The secondary option, which was used this past summer and will be used again in 2011, is the Activities Building which is crowded with 250 in attendance or an outdoor tent which is not air-conditioned.

The Executive Board authorized the development of a master plan site at its September meeting. To avoid the danger of future flooding the new facility will be raised at least five to seven feet above the May flood level.

The estimated total cost of the new facility is $2.4 million, Maxwell said.

The funding will be provided from proceeds from flood insurance on the damaged buildings at Linden Valley, special offerings and gifts, grants and other sources, he added.

In order to fund the worship center, a “Hearts Awaken” campaign will be launched during the coming year.

A one-day special offering is being planned for churches on Feb. 13, 2011.

For messengers attending the annual meeting this week in Knoxville, information will be available in the exhibit area and a video will be shown during the Executive Board report.

Churches and associations will be provided information and promotional material about the campaign before the end of the year.

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