October 21, 2016
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News for Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TBC Helps Church With Rebranding
By Connie Davis Bushey
news editor, Baptist & Reflector

BRENTWOOD – Lebanon Baptist Church, Talbott, recently benefited from a rebranding/marketing consultation and service offered by design services of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, according to Todd Stinnett, pastor.

The consultation, offered free because it was an exploratory case study on the feasibility of developing the consultation ministry, has already benefited the church in many ways, said Stinnett. For instance, on Oct. 6 church members distributed 1,500 packets to folks who stopped by the church’s booth at Old Time Saturday, a community event in Jefferson City which is located near Talbott.

The packets bore the church’s new logo designed by of the TBC staff and included an outreach brochure developed as part of the service. The booth was identified by passersby by a sign bearing the new logo.

In addition, the church staff will soon be using new letterhead and Sunday bulletins partly developed during the rebranding/marketing work, said Stinnett.

“This is already paying dividends for our church,” said Stinnett. The help from the TBC allowed the church members at the community event to share “beautiful information about the church,” he described.

The consultation and service placed Lebanon Baptist “in a place where we will be much more adequately equipped to reach our community for Christ and to build relationships,” said Stinnett, noting church members “kind of become comfortable with things the way they are.” The whole experience of hearing from some outside observers helps turn “our heart toward the community. It’s not about us; it’s about them,” he added

How it came about

Stinnett said at the first of the year as the new pastor of Lebanon Baptist he called DeGrie, TBC senior graphic designer, to ask his opinion about a new logo the church was considering. Then Stinnett met with while in the TBC Baptist Center in Brentwood for an Executive Board meeting. Stinnett is a member of the Executive Board.

As a result , who said he has a long-standing passion for the rebranding/marketing ministry to churches, requested and received permission to lead the case study.

The consultation

To begin the consultation, , accompanied by Dan Ferrell, TBC production services manager, and Nicki Brooks, TBC communications/marketing specialist, visited the Talbott church during Sunday morning activities.  Then the TBC staff returned to the church with their recommendations, which they presented to church members on a Wednesday evening.

Most of their recommendations were on the new logo and uses of it. Some of their recommendations included suggestions about renovations to the facility and results of demographic research.

For instance, demographic information on the residents in the area including what magazines they subscribe to was provided by Brooks, with help from Libby Eaton, information specialist, TBC. The suggestions recommended the church consider an outreach to hunters and other outdoorsmen.

In response, said Stinnett, a church member is considering planning a hunter safety training event at the church led by the Tennessee Wildlife Association.

Stinnett said the consultation and service was good because it was tailored to their church.

Lebanon Baptist, which draws about 200 people to Sunday morning activities, could not have afforded the estimated cost of the consultation and work, said Stinnett.

“This was such an awesome blessing to us,” he said.

Ferrell said the TBC is currently studying whether the rebranding/marketing consultation ministry can be offered to other churches. He said the staff are considering ways to recover some of the costs such as printing some of the materials at the TBC.

“We know a lot of churches would benefit from this ministry,” said . As the staff considers funding for the service, they also are studying “who we are able to assist in ways that make the biggest impact,” he said.

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