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News for Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Simple Church Subscription Plan
By Baptist and Reflector

BRENTWOOD — Church budgets are tight, but church members still need information that is reliable and informative.

To help Tennessee Baptist churches that do not currently have the Baptist and Reflector in its budget, the B&R staff has developed a   Simple Church Subscription Plan.

The B&R will provide papers to any church that will place the paper in its budget for only $1 per subscription per month. For example, a church can send 10 subscriptions to key leaders, such as deacons, Sunday School teachers, finance committee members, etc., for only $10 per month. Fifteen subscriptions would cost only $15 per month for a year. Churches need to send at least two subscriptions per month to get the special rate.

“We are grateful for our churches that currently have the B&R in their budget,” said Editor Lonnie Wilkey. “We could not tell the stories of what Tennessee Baptists and our churches are doing to impact the kingdom of God without those churches that send the B&R to at least some of their members each week,” he said.

He noted some churches have dropped the paper in recent years due to budget crunches. “These are hard times, but it’s important that Tennessee Baptists know what is going on in Tennessee and Southern Baptist life. You will not normally find those stories in your local community newspaper,” he observed.

The new subscription plan will allow churches of any size to send at least five subscriptions each month for as low as $5 per month.

He encouraged Sunday School classes in churches that do not receive the B&R to consider buying the paper for members of their class in order to take advantage of the SS lessons printed each week.

“The B&R provides news and information that will keep Tennessee Baptists informed and educated about what is going on in the denomination and will help put faces on Cooperative Program dollars.

For more information about the Simple Church Subscription Plan, contact Mary Nimmo at mnimmo@tnbaptist.org or 615-371-7929. Or simply send in your list of names and request the simple subscription plan. You can pay in advance for a year or be billed monthly.

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