October 21, 2016
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News for Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Opinion — Reflections
Defending What Matters
By Lonnie Wilkey
editor, Baptist and Reflector

Last week the secular media reported that President Barack Obama admitted to using marijuana as a “kid” and that he views smoking marijuana as “a bad habit and vice.” See story on bpnews.net posted on Jan. 28.

He also said smoking marijuana was no worse than alcohol. Because it was reported after last week’s print edition was published I wrote a blog which can still be found on my blog site at http://lonniewilkey.wordpress.com/.

In expressing my opinion, I wrote, “I view it as illegal. And until it is made legal in all 50 states, no political leader, regardless of party, should dismiss it simply as a vice.”

I received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the column. As with anything else, not everyone will agree regardless of the topic and there were a small number of readers who disagreed with the blog.

It honestly does not bother me when someone disagrees with something I’ve written. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

The only one that really “bugged” me was this comment from one reader: “It would be much better if we Baptists, especially the Tennessee Baptists, would focus on telling people about Jesus rather than focusing on political issues. By focusing on political issues you nearly eliminate the ability to witness to those on the other side of the political debate in this case Democrats. Last time I checked, we are supposed to try win the world, not just Republicans!”

The last time I checked, smoking marijuana was still illegal in Tennessee and at least 47 other states. So, that very fact, if nothing else, does make it worse than alcohol. And, both can have detrimental affects on a person’s body and could lead to harming other people. Just ask those who have lost loved ones because of a driver under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

I didn’t deal with a political issue. I would have written the same thing whether President Obama was a Republican or Independent. I didn’t write it because he was a Democrat. I wrote it because he was wrong from a moral perspective and I can back up my position with Scripture.

It’s time we, as Christians, stop defending our political parties and be more concerned about defending God and His Word. That’s ultimately the only thing that really matters.

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