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News for the week of Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cooperative Program Works — If We Let It
Southern Baptists (hopefully) have been observing October as Cooperative Program Month. I say hopefully because sometimes I wonder if our churches and even Baptist leaders really embrace one of the best ways ever developed to fund missions and ministries not only locally but also on a national and global scale. [Read More]

Finding God’s Plan for Health
She not only learned that over 600 dietary references can be found in the Bible but she learned Russell’s three main guidelines for Christians seeking health — (1) Eat only substances that God created. (2) As much as possible, eat foods as they were created. (3) Avoid food addictions; don’t let any food become your god. [Read More]

Students Drawn to ‘The Fire’
Every Tuesday night about 70 college students from the six colleges or universities in this area drive to Graveston Baptist Church here which is about 20 miles northeast of Knoxville. [Read More]

Classified Ads: Week of October 23, 2013
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