October 13, 2015
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News for the week of Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunday School Lesson — Bible Studies for Life
Nov. 17: The Big Picture
Focal Passage: Genesis 37:5-8, 26-28; 50:15-21 [Read More]

Sunday School Lesson — Explore the Bible
Nov. 17: Feeling Insecure
Focal Passage: John 10:1-42 [Read More]

Best Kept Secret’ Turns 75
Tennessee Baptist Foundation Day will be observed on Sunday, Nov. 17 [Read More]

Guest Columnist
The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing
What is it that constitutes a great church? Is it the size of our membership or the beauty of our buildings? Is it the ability to boast of our leadership or glory in our bank accounts? [Read More]


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