October 21, 2014
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News for the week of Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Late-breaking news from the Annual Meeting
Morristown pastor Dean Haun was elected president of the Tennessee Baptist Convention Nov. 13 at Faith Baptist Church. [Read More]

TBC DR Sees Decisions
Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief has shifted gears as volunteers continue to minister in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. [Read More]

Tennessee Bids Farewell to Iowa
A 10-year partnership between the Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Baptist Convention of Iowa had positive benefits for both conventions, leaders agree. [Read More]

300 Wins and Counting
With his 306th career victory on Nov. 3 as a college football coach, Ken Sparks of Carson-Newman College moved into ninth placed among all college coaches with career wins. [Read More]

From Both Sides of the Pulpit
The Rare Art of Gift-Giving
People on Facebook often call for a certain number of “likes” for something or someone. I’m calling for your love-gifts of the gospel for 7.2 billion people who need God in Christ for their salvation. [Read More]


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