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News for the week of Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Church Finds Needs in Tennessee
Dean Babb of Glenlock Baptist said the church made the switch because leaders saw many churches and ministries helping the Harlan area residents. Then they did some research on Tennessee and found Grundy County was needy and had the highest population of Mormons in the state. The county also has few Bible-believing churches, explained Babb, director of the church’s missions committee. [Read More]

‘Fresh Life Sundays’ by Evangelists
A Tennessee Baptist vocational evangelist was speaking in a West Tennessee church as part of Fresh Life Sundays, an emphasis of the Fellowship of Tennessee Baptist Evangelists. The service drew about 35 people, a usual crowd for the church, and those present included the pastor, his wife and a foster child of theirs. [Read More]

‘When We All Get to Heaven’
But I also learned a long time ago that being a Baptist is not what will get me through the “pearly gates” of heaven. [Read More]

Sunday School Lesson: Bible Studies for Life - February 24
Feb. 24: The Reward for Endurance
Focal Passage: II Timothy 2:1-13 [Read More]

Sunday School Lesson: Explore the Bible - February 24
Feb. 24: Pursuing Those Who Need to Hear
Focal Passages: Jonah 3:1-5, 10; 4:1-11 [Read More]


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