April 21, 2014
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News for the week of Friday, April 27, 2012

SS Teacher Steps Down After 73 Years
A lifelong resident of south Knoxville, Booker began attending Immanuel at the age of 3 months, was baptized at age 10 and began teaching the class at the age of 19. [Read More]

Learning From Our Mistakes Is What Matters
When I heard of the death of Charles Colson over the weekend it reminded me of how God used someone who made some costly mistakes in a tremendous way. [Read More]

Guest Columnist
Church Discipline: A Personal Testimony
If Satan cannot get God’s people to do the wrong thing, he will convince them to do the right thing the wrong way. Church discipline is more often than not, done the wrong way. In my family history there is a long list of unchurched family because my great grandfather was “churched.” [Read More]


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