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News for the week of Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Long Hollow Reaches 1,000 Baptisms
In 2013 Long Hollow Baptist Church became the first church in the Tennessee Baptist Convention to baptize at least 1,000 people in a single church year. [Read More]

Sunday School Lesson — Bible Studies for Life
May 18: Hope Renewed
Focal Passage: John 18:15-18, 25-27; 21:15-19 [Read More]

Sunday School Lesson — Explore the Bible
May 18: Righteous Romance
Focal Passage: Song of Songs 1:7-8, 15-2:2, 15; 4:9-12 [Read More]

Opinion — Clarity
Moving From the Past to the Future
At the end of the day on May 20, the members of the team working at what has been called the Baptist Center will leave the building for the last time and watch the doors close on 45 years of ministry. [Read More]

Opinion — Reflections
Dockery Era Nears End at Union
On Dec. 8, 1995 I had the opportunity and privilege to report on the election of David S. Dockery as president of Union University in Jackson. [Read More]


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