May 29, 2015
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News for the week of Monday, July 1, 2013

Let’s Bring Back Training Union
Today, especially in larger churches, you will get a blank stare if you mention these missions organizations, or better yet, if you just use the abbreviations such as RAs and GAs. [Read More]

What People Hear Trumps What You Say
The fascinating subtitle of a Frank Luntz book entitled WORDS That WORK says, “It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear.” For me, the subtitle can refer to misunderstanding what a speaker says, or it can refer to mis-hearing what a speaker says. [Read More]

Tennessee Baptist Foundation: Investing in Lives
Since the scholarship program started in 1987 the Tennessee Baptist Foundation has awarded 6,252 scholarships amounting to over $4.1 million to deserving students. The Scholarship Committee, made up of the Foundation’s board members, meets in late spring each year to consider the applications from students attending colleges, medical schools, and seminaries. Most of these are not students going into ministry, but students who are members of a Baptist church in Tennessee who need financial aid. [Read More]

Sunday School Lesson: Bible Studies for Life - July 30
Jul. 7: God Establishes a Kingdom for His People
Focal Passage: II Samuel 7:8-17, 22-24 [Read More]

Sunday School Lesson: Explore the Bible - July 7
Jul. 7: Am I On the Right Path?
Focal Passage: Job 33:13-22, 36:8-12 [Read More]


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