April 23, 2014
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News for the week of Friday, July 20, 2012

Guest Columnist
Signs of a Hopeful Future for the TBC
My hope is that as we pray and plan for the days ahead, these signs will serve as an encouragement to all Tennessee Baptists, especially those who remain somewhat skeptical (which has been the case with far too many of our younger pastors and church members, myself included). [Read More]

Christians Also Have Civil Rights
For far too long, Christians have been targeted as those forcing their religious beliefs on the non-religious. [Read More]

Guest Columnist
Minister Now Has Memberís View
Since I left church staff ministry three years ago for a weekday ministry in a secular environment, Iíve had the opportunity to see life and church ministry through the eyes of a layman. This has been eye-opening! [Read More]


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