July 28, 2015
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News for the week of Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yellow Creek on Fire for Jesus Christ
5-year-old rural church has baptized 146 people since January of 2012 [Read More]

Church Helps Start 2 Plants
Kyle Beverly, pastor, Potter’s House Fellowship Baptist Church here, understands the Baptist strategy of church planting to reach lost people. He started Potter’s House 10 years ago. He also mentors young men called to the ministry and pastors in transition and leads them to consider church planting. [Read More]

Persecution, Providence: Wyatt
Freddy T. Wyatt, a Southern Baptist church planter here, said he was not shocked that his congregation lost its meeting place after promoting a sermon series about sexuality. He was shocked at the fire storm of criticism that erupted after he blogged about the experience. [Read More]

Paper Welcomes New Readers for 'Baptist & Reflector' Day
The Baptist and Reflector staff welcomes thousands of new readers this week, many of whom may be viewing their Baptist state paper for the first time. [Read More]

Classified Ads: Week of August 14, 2013
[Read More]


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