August 29, 2015
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News for the week of Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Church Benefits from Lay Renewal
As a result of lay renewal at Allen, many church members report that their faith has been refreshed, reported Lovelace. Another result is that the church started a group in a home as part of the 1-5-1 Harvest Plants strategy of the Tennessee Baptist Convention. [Read More]

Transition Team Report to Be Printed Next Week
Messengers overwhelmingly approved a call for a new vision for the people, churches, and entities of the Tennessee Baptist Convention. [Read More]

ACP Data Requested
ACP packets were distributed to churches from their local Baptist association in August and early September. The ACP is important to the work of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, said Randy C. Davis, TBC executive director/treasurer. [Read More]

B&R Staffer to Require More Chemo
The staff of the Baptist and Reflector requests continued prayer for fellow co-worker Susie Edwards who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in early March. [Read More]


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