July 29, 2015
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July 29, 2015
Opinion - Clarity
God & Assisted Suicide: What's the Answer?
The scenario plays itself out thousands of times a day. A family member or friend is racked with a terminal illness, suffering unbearably, and the question comes up: Should they have the right to physician assisted suicide? [Read More]

Opinion - Reflections
Death With Dignity -- In God's Timing
This article was supposed to be about one of my spiritual heroes -- Jack Lewis. [Read More]

Opinion - Guest Columnist
Our Culture Is Pursuing a 'War on Life'
My initial response when contemplating this article was anger. [Read More]

July 28, 2015
Sunday School Lesson - Bible Studies for Life
Aug. 2: Return to Prayer
Focal Passage: Nehemiah 1:3-10 [Read More]

Sunday School Lesson - Explore the Bible
Aug. 2: Glimpse of the Throne
Focal Passage: Revelation 4:1-11 [Read More]

Tennesseans Await Ruling on PAS
The issue of physician assisted suicide (PAS) or death with dignity has surfaced in Tennessee. [Read More]

Baptist Layman Injured in Chattanooga
When Eric Stitts, pastor of Bayside Baptist Church, Harrison, heard of the domestic terrorism attack on two military facilities in the city on July 16, his first thought was disbelief. [Read More]

Chattanooga Church Facility Damaged by Fire
On June 27 the church rectory of Northside Community Church here was damaged by fire. [Read More]

Classified Ads: Weeks of July 28 - Aug. 10
[Read More]

July 23, 2015
TBC Names New Disaster Relief Leader
The Executive Board Ministry Staff of the Tennessee Baptist Convention has named a long-time disaster relief and ministry veteran to lead its state disaster relief effort. [Read More]

Fires Damages Church in Alamo
On July 14 a fire broke out in Cairo Baptist Church, Alamo, which may have completely destroyed the church's main building. [Read More]

July 20, 2015
Sunday School Lesson - Bible Studies for Life
July 26: Return to Your First Love
Focal Passage: Revelation 2:1-7 [Read More]


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