August 1, 2014
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July 31, 2014
Opinion - From Both Sides of the Pulpit
In His Plan God Made Us to Be Matched
My diary entry for June 20, 1955 reads, "I feel that Phyllis is the answer to my prayers if I will try to seek God's will." [Read More]

'Petie's Pantry' Provides Needed Food
The reality of people going hungry is not confined just to larger cities. [Read More]

Opinion - Guest Columnist
How Well Are You Running the Race?
Ten years worth of stellar performance reviews. [Read More]

July 30, 2014
Opinion - Clarity
Saying Thanks to a Faithful Servant
Bob Hall is not a complicated man. [Read More]

'Doing the Battle' With Cancer
When Gerry Frazier saw a report on Susie Edwards of the Baptist and Reflector staff last year and her struggle with cancer, she made a note. [Read More]

Practicing What He Preaches
'Tragedies remind us that God has no favorities,' says pastor whose wife died of cancer [Read More]

July 29, 2014
Sunday School Lesson � Bible Studies for Life
Aug. 3: Ready Faith
Focal Passage: I Peter 13:13-16; 4:1-2 [Read More]

Sunday School Lesson � Explore the Bible
Aug. 3: Risk Everything for God
Focal Passage: Daniel 3:1, 8-12, 15b-18, 24-25, 28 [Read More]

Church Triumphs Over Tragedy
North Carolina congregation returns to Tennessee to say thank you, share gospel. [Read More]

Opinion Reflections
'Name It, Claim It' Is Not Biblical Faith
The "Name It and Claim It" theologians have it all wrong. [Read More]

TBC Churches Cautioned to Be Aware of Scam
Tennessee Baptist Convention churches are being cautioned of a scam that has targeted churches. [Read More]

July 21, 2014
Sunday School Lesson — Bible Studies for Life
July 27: Enduring Faith
Focal Passage: I Peter 2:13-23 [Read More]


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