April 26, 2015
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April 24, 2015
Opinion - Reflections
Pray for Supreme Court Justices
In the April 8 issue of the Baptist and Reflector, we reported that the legal fate of marriage in the United States will be debated April 28 before the Supreme Court. [Read More]

Human Trafficking in Tennessee
Society ill fueled by drug addiction, pornography, the Internet, and other factors [Read More]

Porn Use is 'Epidemic in Church'
"Sixty-five percent of all Christian men look at pornography weekly," said Andy Loomis, a therapist. [Read More]

April 23, 2015
Opinion - Clarity
Just Stop ... and Extend Mercy
Stop. Just pause what you’re doing for a few minutes and think with me about a couple of very important things. [Read More]

Opinion - Guest Columnist
What Can the Church Offer an Addict?: Hope
As pastors, we are often confronted with issues that we don't necessarily feel equipped to handle. [Read More]

Opinion - Guest Columnist
MDO Helps Children, Honors Selfless Mothers
It was in 1894 that the Tennessee Baptist Convention first asked its churches to donate to the Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes (then called the Tennessee Baptist Orphanage.) [Read More]

April 21, 2015
Sunday School Lesson - Bible Studies for Life
April 26: Stick With Love
Focal Passage: John 15:9-14 [Read More]

Sunday School Lesson - Explore the Bible
April 26: Hard Questions, Harder Answers
Focal Passage: Habakkuk 1:1-6, 12-13; 2:1-4 [Read More]

Tennessee's Insatiable Addiction
Editor's Note: This issue contains articles and related columns about the growing addiction problem facing our state. [Read More]

Opinion - Reflections
Addiction: A Bomb Ready to Explode
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary provides several definitions for the word "addiction." [Read More]

Recovering Addict Now Shares Christ
Johnny Morelock leads addicts to Christ and to understand there's 'Joy in Recovery' [Read More]

Classified Ads: Week of April 21 - May 5
[Read More]


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