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Recommendations Sought
By Baptist and Reflector

A recommendation form is now available which the Committee on Boards and Committee on Committees have jointly developed for Tennessee Baptists to use in recommending individuals for service on Tennessee Baptist Convention boards or committees.

Tennessee Baptists are strongly encouraged to go online at and make recommendations of fellow Tennessee Baptists to serve on the Executive Board, one of the seven institutional boards of trust or one of the eight convention committees, all of which carry on the work of the convention between sessions of the convention.

Randy C. Davis, executive director/treasurer of the TBC, is hoping that the committees will be flooded with recommendations this year.

“Every committee, every board is vitally important to the work of our convention. But unfortunately, each year we have many recommendations for certain boards or committees and then almost none for other committees,” Davis said.

“Our process is dependent on Tennessee Baptists recommending experienced, qualified and committed servants of God for these positions. We anticipate strong servant leaders committed to Christ and His Great Commission being recommended for service,” he continued.

For those uncomfortable with or unable to use the online process, paper forms also will be received by the committee. The paper form can be downloaded from the TBC website as well. Also, every church will receive either an e-mail or regular mail copy of the form which may be copied as many times as necessary.

Completed forms should be mailed to Board/Committee Recommendations, P.O. Box 728, Brentwood, TN 37024-0728 or e-mailed to

Recommendations are needed by Feb. 14 in order to make sure the committees have them available in time to begin their process of carefully selecting nominees to bring to the convention in November.

Online recommendations will receive an immediate e-mail notification as a receipt for their recommendation. Paper form recommendations will receive an e-mail or letter within three weeks documenting receipt of their recommendation.

Every recommendation will be presented to the appropriate committee for consideration. However, not every recommendation will result in a nomination to the convention.

In addition, the committees may also consider a recommendation for a committee or board other than the one for which they were originally recommended.

In every instance, a proposed nominee will be called by a member of the committee for a brief interview before they are formally nominated to the convention.


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