August 27, 2016
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2017 Camps


March 24-25, 2017: Weekend Camp at Carson Springs; boys & girls, grades 1-6
May 19-20, 2017: Weekend Camp at Linden Valley
; boys & girls, grades 1-6
June 12-16, 2017 & June 19-23, 2017: Weeklong Camp at Linden Valley
; boys & girls, grades 3-6
July 5-8, 2017: Mini-week at Carson Springs
; boys & girls, grades 1-6

New Events!
September 9, 2017: Journey Day! at Carson Springs
; boys & girls, grades 1-6
December 9, 2017: Journey Christmas! at Linden Valley
; boys & girls, grades 1-6



Impact camp info coming soon!


For summer camps, grade levels are based on the student completing that grade level at the end of the  school year.



Tennessee Baptist Camps are led by strong, committed, Christian college students, seminary students and childhood education leaders who have a love for sharing Christ with students of all ages. They invest time in the lives of campers and adult sponsors, and will demonstrate the radical faith of one who is in love with Jesus in all they do!


We love adult sponsors! For many reasons, it is necessary that adult sponsors attend camp with the students from your church. In order to have the proper ratios of sponsors to students, it is necessary for Journey & Impact camps that one adult, same gender sponsor attend for every 10 students. All sponsors must be at least 20 years old.


“I have been to many camps offered by other organizations. I feel like Journey camp was the best for children!”

“The staff did an outstanding job! This was one of the best organized camps that I have attended. Thank you!”

“I would like to thank each of you for all your very hard work- for the late nights and early mornings and all the energy and love you heaped on us all week!”

"Awesome facilities.  Great activities for the kids.  Bible Study  great.  Good food."

"The camp was wonderful, the children were always smiling and laughing.  The cabins were clean and neat."
"It is an experience I will always remember."



Directions to CarsonSprings

Directions to LindenValley



Should you have questions about camp programming or registration please contact:

Linda Chinery
- (423) 360-1380

Jeff Williamson - (901) 569-4476

Should you have questions concerning camp facilities or location issues please contact:

Kevin Perrigan - Camp Manager, Camp Carson (877) 704-6336

Tim Bearden - Senior Manager, Camp Linden (877) 354-6336


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