February 1, 2015
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Prayer Strategies

The Prayer Strategies team assists churches and associations in the development and implementation of a Great Commission Prayer Ministry. This is a foundational and comprehensive plan of prayer, personally shaped by the church or association to assist them in fulfilling the Great Commission. It covers the personal, corporate, and kingdom elements of prayer.

The team assists in the enhancement of existing prayer ministries through training events, retreats, and prayer evangelism events. Today, God is calling His people to prayer; and we want to serve Him by serving you. Seeing His people pray and grow in their prayers is the team’s desire.

For more information, contact Prayer Strategies Assistant Bernie Baker, at (615) 371-7925 or bbaker@tnbaptist.org.



Church and Association Prayer Coordinator / Team Training
Tennessee Baptist Convention helps churches and associations with training for their prayer ministries leadership.

Church and Association Prayer Retreats
Tennessee Baptist Convention is available to assist churches and associations with the planning of prayer retreats.

Church and Association Prayer Revivals
Prayer Revivals aim to renew the prayer lives of God’s people. Tennessee Baptist Convention provides help to churches and associations in the planning and/or conducting of prayer revivals.

Church and Association Prayer Training (Doctrine of Prayer, Praying Scripture, Fasting, etc.)
Tennessee Baptist Convention is committed to assisting churches and associations in enhancing or starting prayer ministries and the development of the prayer lives of God’s people. Tennessee Baptist Convention provides prayer training for churches and associations.

Lighthouses of Prayer Training
Tennessee Baptist Convention focuses on promoting the Lighthouses of Prayer and training individuals in this family based prayer ministry.

Partnership Prayer Development and Assistance
Tennessee Baptist Convention works alongside our partnerships in prayer development and helps with prayer events.

Prayerwalk Events and Training
Tennessee Baptist Convention provides training in Prayerwalking for churches and associations and assists with coordinating Prayerwalk events with our partnerships. For information, contact Prayer Strategies Assistant Bernie Baker, at (615) 371-7925 or bbaker@tnbaptist.org.

State Intercessors / Prayer Partners Coordination
Tennessee Baptist Convention communicates ministry related prayer requests to and from our partnerships, executive board ministries, associations, and churches through our email, Baptist and Reflector, and toll free prayerline.

Time to Seek Him
The Weekly Prayer Focus is a prayer gram sent to our state intercessors containing Tennessee Baptist Convention, partnership, executive board ministries, Appalachian Regional Ministries, Mississippi River Ministries, and associational ministry highlights.



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