February 27, 2015
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Order Stewardship Resource Materials

The following Stewardship Resource materials are available to Tennessee Southern Baptist Churches, free of charge. All other churches, please visit www.stewardshipdirect.com.

View introduction video:


A four session, church wide challenge to Great Commission christians to be deliberate as faithful financial stewards to impact the world with the message of Christ…using the life of Joseph as an example.

Joseph's life is one of turning setbacks into times of maximum impact for the progression of God's kingdom.Though Joseph's brothers were jealous and sold him into slavery, he prospered and gained the position of steward in his owners' household. Though he was thrown into prison, he eventually become the second in command of Egypt, the chief steward. God used him for high IMPACT in circumstances that were meant for harm (Genesis 50:20).

IMPACT includes a leadership guide, age-graded lessons, bulletin inserts sermon suggestions, and more!

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Did you know that giving is taught in Philemon? Paul appeals to the highest Christian motivations when he writes Philemon. He elicits a gift from Philemon based on his sense of gratitude for salvation, his sense of heart in applying his faith, and his sense of eternal investment in Onesimus to restore him to usefulness for the Kingdom and to fellowship in the encouragement of the saints.

MOTIVATIONS: Living With Heart will help you develop stewards that are motivated like Philemon through Refreshment, Profitability, Gratitude and Eternity.

This four Sunday CD resource has a DVD theme video, sermon ideas, PowerPoint, full color poster, four dramas, theme song, four weekly age-graded Bible lessons, four bulletin inserts, commitment card and Cooperative Program missions emphasis.

View introduction video:


Traction: Living in Sync with God is an opportunity for your congregation to make significant progress in their journey with the Lord! Many people are out of sync with God and they have lost traction in their lives.

The Traction: Living in Sync with God, four week emphasis will help church members understand that God Offers Spiritual Traction: When We Remember Him, When We Respond in Faithfulness, When We Return to Blessedness and When We Rejoice in Him.

CD resources include: Traction DVD, PowerPoint Overview, Resource Guide, Leader Preparation Guide, Graded Lessons, Drama Sketches, Sermon Starters w/PowerPoint, Theme Song, Letters, and Commitment Card w/Offering Envelope.

Full color resources: Poster/Brochure Guide and four Theme Bulletin Inserts.


Embrace the opportunity to discover a life of generosity by absorbing the stewardship nuggets in the Old Testament book of Ruth.

In a time of frequent life transitions, you can help your church see how Naomi, Ruth and Boaz discovered the generosity factor.

This three-Sunday church stewardship resource will help your church family make the transitions necessary to establish a healthier future for individual believers, families and congregations.

You will receive a DVD video to introduce the emphasis. On CD you will receive sermons, graded lessons, dramas, theme song and correspondence letters.

You will be provided with bulletin inserts for the three Sundays, and large theme posters with leadership guides.


Encourage CHEERFUL GIVING with four colorful posters and bulletin message inserts that match the posters. Display one poster each quarter of the year. Place the bulletin insert into the hands of those in the worship service.


A resource to help your Stewardship Team or Committee develop action plans for a strong stewardship ministry in your church.


The newly revised and updated Church Financial Guidebook provides a comprehensive overview of church financial administration for the entire church financial team. This resource assists Church Treasurer’s, Financial Secretaries and Church Financial Committees in navigating the complexities of biblical stewardship principles, fiscal accountability and transparency, and governmental rules and regulations.


A leadership booklet to provide you with practical ideas for a two year (month by month) stewardship education and promotion plan.


Designed to provide practical guidance for pastors and staff as they plan and implement stewardship events, emphases and activities. Chapter titles are:
S - Stand Up as a Steward
T - Train God's People to be Stewards
E - Encourage God's People in Stewardship
W - Witness to the World through Stewardship
A - Answer the Need for Special Stewardship Projects / Ministries
R - Respond to Individuals with Special Stewardship Concerns
D - Disciple Stewards for the Future


A data CD providing seven different stewardship tools/guides. The guides are provided in both text and PowerPoint formats.

  1. Make Giving More Worshipful
  2. Help NEW Givers to Grow
  3. Enlist More Tithers
  4. Have a Stewardship Revival in your Church
  5. Have an Estate Stewardship Focus in your Church
  6. Creatively Present Your Church Budget
  7. Plan and Conduct Stewardship Enrichment Activities


Budgets are necessary, but they seldom inspire and motivate. Involvement in mission, however, does motivate. Great Commission Budgeting provides a process to help your church see itself as an instrument for accomplishing the Great Commission. Key components are: Preparing Leadership, Guiding the Budget Planning Group and Planning for Spiritual Enrichment.


The variety of approaches in churches call for a variety of budget tools. The toolbox includes both an audio CD and a data CD. There are six different tools for building your church’s budget: Budgeting and Values, Contemporary Church Budgeting, People Based Budgeting, Priority Based Budgeting, New Church Start Budgeting and Budgeting for the Church Without a Written Budget.


In every church there are times when the finances are not what they need to be. As a church leader, you naturally are concerned. You may have come out of a difficult winter and entered spring in the midst of what many call “tough economic times.”

Catch-Up Sunday is a one-day offering that is designed to literally catch up on budget needs and ministry support.

The CD contains: poster, offering envelope, color logo and clip art, sermon ideas, drama and sample letters to be sent to church members.


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