October 26, 2016
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Campers on Mission (COM) is a national fellowship of Christian campers who desire to share their faith as they go. The organization is sponsored by the Adult Volunteer Mobilization Unit of the North American Mission Board. The Tennessee Baptist Convention has an active chapter. Membership is open to Christian campers of all denominations and requires no dues or membership fees, only a willingness to join other campers in fellowship and service.

Whether you are a tent camper, a backpacker, an RVer, or a trailer camper -- a seasonal camper, a weekend camper, or a full-timer, a retired couple, young family or single individual, there is a role for you as a part of the COM family.

As campers relate their Christian faith to fellow campers, God's love and power shines through their conversations and actions. The nature of a camper's Christian faith and the informality of the camping lifestyle makes personal ministry a natural.

The Tennessee Campers on Mission Chapter meets twice a year (spring and fall). These rallies offer opportunity for fellowship and planning. Various mission projects are also presented and discussed. Typical service projects that occur throughout the year include helping with Backyard Bible Clubs, Vacation Bible School, campground ministries, booths at fairs with tracts, cold water and information, and providing labor for construction projects.

The construction projects include building mission churches, repairing/remodeling churches and youth camps. As larger projects are undertaken, other COM members or state chapters may work together to complete the tasks.

Campers are in a unique position to help meet
mission needs. In Tennessee and throughout the United States, regardless of your talents or experience, there is a role for everyone.


The Campers on Mission Emblem

The Campers on Mission emblem has been designed to be a conversation piece, although campers do not often run out of things to talk about, the explanation of the design may contribute to meaningful dialogue.
The circle, which has neither beginning nor end, is symbolic of God's eternal existence and His bountiful love for all people.
The compass star is symbolic of the expanse of God's creation. It reminds campers that whether they are north, east, south or west, God is always there to speak to them as they seek Him in recreation.
The fish is one of the earliest Christian symbols and denotes personal acceptance of Jesus as Christ, Son of God and Savior.

Join us as we go!

Campers on Mission provides a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy the adventure of camping, while using your Christian faith to witness and offer ministry to others. If you enjoy camping, make the most of it by becoming a part of Campers on Mission. To learn more, contact:

Wes Jones, Disaster Relief Specialist
Elizabeth Holmes, Administrative Assistant

TN COM President:
Gene Haynes

Upcoming Events:

  • Sep. 30-Oct. 2, 2016: Campers On Mission Fall Rally - Children's Home, Brentwood
  • Oct. 3-7, 2016: Campers On Mission Fall Work Week - Children's Home, Brentwood
Who's Who
Tennessee Campers on Mission Officers

President: Gene Haynes
Secretary: Billie Haynes
Treasurer: Cheri Hartman
First Vice President: Gary Henderson
Second Vice President: Vacant
Regional Coordinators:
    West: Raymond Burton (lead), Larry Brown, Ken Lewis
    Middle: Doyle Combs (lead), John Uggla, Gary Henderson
    East: Joel O'Brien (lead), David Mahon, Jim Green, Ken Stout Stout

Campers On Mission Enrollment Form



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