Tennessee Baptist Convention

Transformational Church

The Tennessee Baptist Convention, Brentwood, is glad to partner with LifeWay Christian Resources, Nashville, in bringing the Transformational Church process to Tennessee Baptist churches.

One of the key components of Transformational Church is the Transformational Church Assessment Tool (TCAT). This tool measures the effectiveness of the local church in the key areas addressed by Transformational Church. The TCAT can be accessed online either by entering through the LifeWay portal or the TBC portal.

By using the TBC portal you get the value of having a trained consultant provide a phone consultation at no charge to your church to explain the TCAT results to the church.

All you need to do is contact Gary Rickman, TBC Church Health Ministry coordinator, either by phone (615) 371-2020 or e-mail grickman@tnbaptist.org once you have received your results. He will assign one of the TBC consultants to contact you.

When Does Transformation Happen?

What Happens in a Transformational
Church Study?


Step 1: Read the book.
Step 2: Share with church Leaders using the Transformational Church DVD Discussion Guide.
Step 3: Take the
online Transformational Church Assessment Tool.
Step 4: Partner with a certified Transformation Church consultant.
Step 5: Participate in the future events.

These items are available at LifeWay Christian Resources.

Transformational Church introductory video.


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