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Local Church Collegiate Ministry

Local Church efforts to reach out to and engage college students are an important component of church ministry. If you would like help or ideas on reaching out to college students in your community, please contact the Collegiate Ministries office of the Tennessee Baptist Convention at 615/312-1993 or 800/558-2090 ext. 1993 or email bchoate@tnbaptist.org.



Resources for Collegiate Ministry in the Local Church


The young adults in your church are eager and willing to be on mission. For information on short-term and summer missions opportunities, visit www.sendtnmissions.org or contact Nanette Smith, Collegiate Missions Specialist at 615/371-2056 or 800/558-2090 ext. 2056.


The TBC provides resources for local church college ministry.  Visit BCM Life for more.

Do you want to reach internationals?  Check THIS out.  

Small Group Resources

Check out some available resources at Threads Media.


Bill Choate 615/371-2057
800/558-2090 ext 2057
Nanette Smith 615/371-2056
800/558-2090 ext 2056

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