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To download this video, click here, then click on the Download button under the video.

To download this video, click here, then click on the Download button under the video.

Harvest 1-5-1 Training Manual 

Harvest 1-5-1 Training - Spanish


Harvest Plants refers to off-campus efforts aimed at gathering lost people for the purpose of sharing the gospel.

We have identified three types of plants:

  • Branches - extensions of existing on-campus Bible studies
  • Groups - similar to branches but not connected to any other program of the church
  • Churches - a new work that will carry out all the functions of a church

All of these "plants" will be focused on reaching lost people where they live, work, and play. We encourage you to go to watch this short video that gives more detail on all three plants. We believe that "plants" will invigorate any church's outreach ministry and serve as building blocks for true "community transformation." "Plants" can help your church be more effective in reaching the ethnic families that live all around you - even in the most rural areas of Tennessee.

We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about "planting." The days in which we live demand that we do more than we have ever done before to reach the lost as the spiritual climate of our state grows increasingly colder.

A Harvest Field Catalyst is a staff member of the Executive Board of the Tennessee Baptist Convention that is designated to be a devoted, available helper and supporter in any and every way to assist our churches in becoming a strong, productive Harvest Planter for the sake of lost souls. They serve as "encouragers" to our churches as they seek to fulfill the Great Commission. Please use the map below to contact a Catalyst in your region.

Team Leader: Willie McLaurin 615-476-1798
Team Leader: Mark Miller 615-476-5564
Team Leader: Archer Thorpe 615-330-0917
Team Leader: Gary Rickman 615-371-2020
Team Leader: Steve Pearson 615-587-9057
Team Leader: Bob Brown 865-659-0784
Team Leader: Joe Sorah 423-895-1481
  Ethnic Team Leader: William Burton 423-231-6113

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