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Sunday School Evangelism Tools


FAITH is a Sunday School evangelism process that uses outreach teams (FAITH teams) of three members from Sunday School classes in weekly visitation. Evangelism training on how to share your faith and ministry visit training on how to make ministry visits is conducted each week before visitation. A semester is 16 weeks and there should be two semesters per year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The pastor must attend a FAITH clinic in order to purchase materials and be trained in conducting FAITH. See the Lifeway web site for clinic information and costs at www.lifeway.com.


GROW is an outreach strategy that uses teams in visitation. There are 4 teams named after the word GROW. Each team is to be at the assigned visitation one night a month. GROW stands for God Rewards Our Work. In the kit you will find training materials on how to share your faith and how to do weekly visitation. Much emphasis is placed on keeping up with prospects once they have been identified. . A GROW training kit is available at Lifeway stores or online at www.lifeway.com.


The Net is a North American Mission Board emphasis on personal evangelism. It is a training session of 8 hours or multiple sessions equaling 8 hours designed to help believers know how to better share their faith. It is based on a believer’s personal story of coming to know Christ and living for Him. More information about NET is available from the North American mission board web site at www.NAMB.com.


This is a training process designed to help believers know how to witness in a way best suited to their individual style. It is a 3 session training event with a week between sessions. There are daily studies to compliment the sessions. This study is available at Lifeway stores or online at www.lifeway.com.

Selecting, Enlisting, & Training Outreach Leaders

This web site has information on this in the "How To" material. There are also Sunday School growth articles with information on outreach on this web site. The job description for outreach leaders is also on this web site in the Sunday School material.

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