Tennessee Baptist Convention

High School Bible Drill

Grades 10-12


2015 Youth Bible Drill and High School Bible Drill drill cards with all the verses. Check back in July! These drill cards will be FREE downloads.

Important High School Bible Drill Resources:

For the 2014-2015 year, drillers will be able to ONLY use the following Drill Bibles:

KJV (King James Version)
· KJV 1984 edition

HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible)
· HCSB 2011 edition - You may use this version if you already own it
· HCSB 2012 edition (The 2012 edition has larger font and the Bible itself is a little larger) If you do not own a HCSB Drill Bible, you will need to purchase this edition.
· HCSB 2004 edition

For more information about Bible Drill, contact:

Bruce Edwards, Youth Ministry Specialist, (615) 371-2094 or 1-800-558-2090 ext. 2094, e-mail bedwards@tnbaptist.org

Sara Archer, Ministry Assistant, (615) 371-7905 or 1-800-558-2090 ext. 7905, e-mail sarcher@tnbaptist.org


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