Missionary House for Those Who Serve


Tennessee WMU is pleased to move ahead with the construction phase of the Missionary House.  Other in-kind donations that have been committed include framing, plumbing, tile work, roofing, and miscellaneous labor. Please complete an in-kind commitment form to donate labor, construction materials or funds for furnishings. All volunteers must be 16 years of age or older and complete a volunteer form before working on the house.

The Missionary House Task Force wants to thank everyone for contributing cash and in-kind gifts that put us OVER THE TOP of the $300,000 goal. Funds are still needed to furnish the house and to establish the endowment fund for the future maintenance of the house. Individual and groups are encouraged to volunteer time to build the house. Any volunteer labor will save funds which can go toward furnishings and the endowment. To volunteer, please call the TN WMU office 800-558-2090 extension 2038. Watch this website for dates that volunteers will be needed with various skills.

Please be praying for the construction of the house and for Kenny Johnson and other workers involved. Right now Epic Building and Design are putting in the construction driveway and the silk fence in order to get the inspection on the septic, then the excavation will begin so Kenny is estimating about 3 weeks from today the project should be in order to begin framing. I am praying the Morristown crew will be available to frame our house! We need other volunteers to step forward to assist us. Tawana Flatt is coordinating all this so lift up Tawana in this endeavor. As we have said all along, this is a God-sized task! The house will progress and get completed on His time table; not ours!

Thanks for all your support as we have raised funds, recruited in-kind gifts and volunteers. This is an awesome time for the Tennessee WMU family. May we share the story of Jesus across Tennessee as we go and make a difference each day!

“For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.” Hebrews 3:4


House Bank Template

We Can Build A House - written for young children

  • Template for a House Bank that can be used by churches to get everyone involved. Print this document on sturdy card stock, cut it out, decorate it any way you like, and raise money for the construction of the missionary house!
  • "We Can Build a House" by Carmen Westerman - written for young children so they can have a part in building the house. Available for $7.00, please make checks payable to TN WMU and mail to TN WMU, PO Box 728, Brentwood TN 37024-0728.
For current needs for the missionary house, please contact Linda Rader. If you have questions, call 615-371-2038 or 800-558-2090; or to make a contribution, send to TN WMU, Missionary House, P.O. 728, Brentwood, TN 37024-0728.


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