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To submit a missions project request, complete the Volunteer Missions Project Request Form below and submit it over the Internet by clicking the "Submit Form" button. Your information will be received by the Volunteer Missions office.

Or you can print out this form and mail it to: Tennessee Baptist Convention, Attn. Heather Beard, P.O. Box 728, Brentwood, TN 37024-0728.

If you have any questions please call Heather Beardby e-mail, hbeard@tnbaptist.org, by phone 615-371-2061. 

Please read the following information before submitting your information over the Internet:

In an effort to meet those needs that exist here in Tennessee, the Volunteer Missions Team is trying to assist churches in locating volunteers as well as helping volunteers find a project.

This form is being provided for you to make known the needs that you may have. Please fill in every field with as much detail as possible and submit the form to our office.

Once the form our office receives your information, the project will be promoted through the TBC Web page. This promotion will make prospective volunteers aware of the need.

Please note the following procedures that will be used:

  • The contact person's name and phone number will be listed with a brief description of the projects. The prospective volunteer will call this person for additional information and to indicate their desire to complete the project. (Note: You are giving permission to us to list the contact person's name and number by placing such information on the form. Please verify with the person whose name you are listing that they give you permission to do this.)

  • Once a volunteer has picked up your project, please contact our office and indicate this. Until you notify us that the project has been accepted we will continue to promote the project.

  • We will cease to promote the project two months before the date of assignment or on the date you indicate on the form. (Note: You will have a much better opportunity for your project to be picked up if you submit the request at least six months to one year before the actual project date.)

Location of Assignment (Address)
Length of Assignment
Name of DOM
Contact Person
Phone Number
Dates of Assignment
Arrival Date
Departure Date
Type of Assignment


Youth Team Adult Team No preferences
Male Female No preferences

Please check as many as needed:

BYBC Drama Puppets Construction: Plumbing
Camps ESL Revival Teams Asphalt Remodeling
Evangelism Social
Electrical Roofing
Sports Clown Ministry Magician Masonry  
Conference Medical Metal  
VBS Crafts Music Painting  

Number of team needed:

Describe Nature of project:

Description of Place and Assignment: (indicate urban, rural, inner city, etc.)

Housing Availability:
Homes             Churches               No provision

Meal Availability:
Homes             Churches               No provision

If this project is a Mississippi River Ministry (MRM), Cumberland Regional Ministry (CRM) or an Appalachian Regional Ministry (ARM), check below:
MRM             CRM             ARM

Qualifications needed:

Equipment the team will need to bring:

Cancel this project if unfilled by DATE:
(Automatically cancelled if not filled within two months)


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A confirmation page will appear if your order is sent correctly.  If you do not see the confirmation page, please email your order information to: hbeard@tnbaptist.org

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