a. Agreement to receive regular communications.
b. Commitment to pray for the facility at least once each week for the year.
c. Commitment to encourage their church and others to visit the facility each year.


a. A Friends membership card which entitles the Friend to a 20% discount on anything in the camp store.
b. Special opportunities for friends only.
c. A regular e-mail with a prayer request from the facility.
d. A quarterly Friends Communication that shares information on the things that are happening at the facility with some type of “insider” information.
e. Advance notice on special events.

For general or Linden Valley information contact:

Tim Bearden, Conference Centers Senior Manager
Toll Free: (877) 354-6336
Direct: (931) 589-2622 Cell (931) 242-3513

For Carson Springs information contact:

Kevin Perrigan, Carson Springs Manager
Toll Free: (877) 704-6336
Direct (423) 623-2764 Cell (423) 312-7481