Strategic Initiatives for Tennessee Black Church Development

Strengthen Churches (GROW)

  • Encourage African American Churches to attend the Tennessee Black Church Leadership Conference (Pastoral Leadership, Sunday School, Evangelism, Stewardship, Family, Economic Development, Mission Board Awareness)
  • Encourage All Black Churches in Tennessee to increase their emphasis on prayer
  • Encourage African American Pastors to partner with new church starts
  • Discover and respond to training opportunities

Understanding TBC/SBC Life (CONNECT)

  • Provide information and resources for how to be elected to TBMB/SBC boards
  • Provide training to better understand TBMB/SBC resources and products
  • Provide information on how to access TBMB/SBC scholarship to colleges and seminaries

Impacting TBC/SBC Life (SERVE)

  • Get African American persons active in every level of TBMB/SBC life (association, state convention, national convention)
  • Encourage churches to nominate persons to association & state boards; committees and commissions
  • Encourage African American churches to increase their gifts to the Cooperative program
  • Encourage African American pastors and churches to attend the TBMB Executive Board meetings as a ministry of presence
  • Develop a bank of names for present and future denominational openings

Mobilization for Missions (GO)

  • Encourage churches to participate in home and foreign mission actions (mobilization) in their communities and abroad using volunteers
  • Have Mission Mobilization Specialist to supply lists of locations for mission action
  • Promote the resources and opportunities available to volunteer mission groups through SBC mission entities (North American Mission Board, International Mission Board, Woman’s Missionary Union, State Missions, & Association Mission) increasing their awareness of mission needs
  • Encourage and support the training of African Americans for participation and leadership in missions (Disaster relief, mission trips)

For more information, contact Willie McLaurin at 615-476-1798.