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Date(s) - Saturday 7/21/2018
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Morristown First Baptist Church



Regional conference providing training and encouragement to church worship and music ministry participants.

Conference Fee: $25/person


8:30 – Registration
9:00 – Conference Worship
9:40 – Breakout Session #1
10:40 – Coffee Break/Fellowship
11:00 – Breakout Session #2
12:00 – Dismissal

Conference Worship Leader: Cliff Duren, Station Hill Baptist Church

Conference Worship Speaker: Dr. Greg Brewton, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Breakout Sessions:

  • Worship Leaders/Ministers of Music – Dr. Greg Brewton, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary/Boyce College
    9:40-10:40 – “The Daily Life of the Worship Minister” –In this breakout we will explore spiritual disciplines, time management, and family for the worship minister.
    11:00-12:00 – “Discipling Your Worship Teams” –In this breakout we will discuss ways to help your people grow in their walk with Christ.
  • Worship Bands/Worship Teams (Band Members, Vocalists, and Leaders) – Cliff Duren (Station Hill Baptist Church)
    9:40-10:40 – “Worship Planning/Leading Well” –In this breakout Cliff will walk through some practical and intentional steps that will allow you to stay prepared as worship leaders, band members, and worship team members, so all are prepared to lead well each week.
    11:00-12:00 – In this breakout Cliff will lead a rhythm section clinic where he discusses the different roles of the band members and vocalists.
  • Worship Leading Choirs (for Choir Members and Directors) – Dr. Scott Shepherd (Worship and Music Specialist, Tennessee Baptist Mission Board)
    9:40-10:40 – “Biblical Basics for All Choirs” – In this informative and participatory breakout session for choir directors and choir members, we’ll sing (and explore) diverse forms of choral worship music as we study biblical examples and principles to undergird our singing. What does the Bible really say about choirs and vocal worship music, and what are some practical ways we can put these examples and teachings into practice?
    11:00-12:00 – “Ten Ways to Improve Every Choir” – Whether you sing in (or lead) a modern, worship choir or a more traditional choral ensemble, you have room for improvement. In this session for choir directors and choir members, we’ll explore (and experiment with) practical ideas to increase the effectiveness of your choir. We’ll study rehearsal strategies, vocal exercises, choral techniques, devotional materials, recruiting strategies, and much more!
  • Preschool Children’s Music – Andrea Barnard (Growing in Grace)
    9:40-10:40 – “Catch the Joy Session I” – Come join the fun as we “Catch the Joy” of preschool ministry. We will explore some fabulous tools and resources for teaching the character of Jesus to the youngest members of our church families.
    11:00-12:00 – “Catch the Joy Session II” – In this session we will share classroom management ideas to help us minister to every child (including children with special needs), creative craft resources,
    and a brand new musical designed just for preschool.
  • Elementary Children’s Music – James Barnard (Growing in Grace)
    9:40-10:40 – “Fruit of the Spirit for Elementary” – Explore creative new songs, activities, and games centered on love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
    Grades 1-6.
    11:00-12:00 – “Let All the Children Sing!” – Every child can and should sing together! Discover fresh ways to teach songs of faith for the entire church year. Grades 1-6.
  • Student Choirs – Phil Lundy (Tulip Grove Baptist Church, Old Hickory)
    9:40-10:40 – “Youth Choir Matters!” – This session will cover why youth choir ministry is alive and well—and important today. We will look at the why of singing and cover a host of practical tips and strategies to help make your youth choir successful!
    11:00-12:00 – “How’s That Working for You?” – This session will feature an open forum discussion with opportunities to share, borrow and steal ideas that are working in various church settings. The session will also include time to discuss music selection.
  • Audio-Visual Tech – Doug Johnson (First Baptist Church, Morristown)
    9:40-10:40 – “Sound System Decisions & Operation” – This session will be centered around the decision whether or not to move to a digital environment or remain in the analog world. This session will also include some of the basics of operating a front of house sound system such as feedback control, EQ, and compression. This session will cover the overall objectives of sound system design and operation.
    11:00-12:00 – “Supporting Worship with Screens” – Projection screens can make or break a worship service. Slide design and use can be the largest hurdles to an effective worship environment. This session discusses the major software applications that are available for controlling screens, how to design a screen that supports the worship leader, how to operate screens that do not distract, and how to do it all legally.
  • Handbells (Ringers and Directors) – Dan Arterburn, Handbell Coordinator (TN Baptist Mission Board)
    9:40-10:40 – “Handbell Basics” – Review and examine basic handbell techniques for ringers and directors.
    11:00-12:00 – “Now What Do I Do?” – As directors and ringers, we many times have something occur in a rehearsal or have a question that we may not have an answer for. We will review any situations including how to encourage new ringers, find handbell prospects and how to deal with not having enough ringers for a full handbell choir. Handbell Maintenance questions.
  • Orchestra (Instrumentalists and Directors) – Michael Mann, Union University/Nashville Praise Symphony
    9:40-10:40 – “Leading and Playing in Today’s Church Orchestra” –We will share the spiritual and practical means by which to serve our church musicians through our own journey with Christ and to collaborate on the specific needs of musicians in today’s church.
    11:00-12:00 “Large or Small: Creative Means for a Successful Instrumental Church Program” –We will share the spiritual and practical means by which to serve our church musicians through our own journey with Christ and to collaborate on the specific needs of musicians in today’s church. (Part 2)
  • Keyboard (Pianists/Organists) – Dr. Krystel Headley (FBC Dandridge, Regent University)
    9:40-10:40 “Classic Skills for Timeless Hymns” – Let’s refresh our go-to hymn playing skills, including such topics as the role of the accompanist in congregational singing and solo/choral accompaniment, chord substitutions, fills, and matching the style of the music to the hymn text. A wide range of participant skill is welcomed!
    11:00-12:00 “Expanding the Horizons: New Skills for Newer Music” – This session will focus on techniques appropriate for more contemporary music, including black gospel styles, reading from lead sheets, learning to use your ear well, and using tools such as YouTube to learn “praise and worship” fill patterns and riffs.

Contact Scott Shepherd (sshepherd@tnbaptist.org) for further information.

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