2017 General Information

We are blessed to be able to place teams of college students who are selected to serve for 10 weeks in Tennessee Baptist churches, associations, and ministries. A team usually consists of 4-5 students (guys and gals) serving together. These selected college students have been carefully interviewed, screened and trained to do 10 weeks of summer missions’ work. All team members are active on their college campuses in ministry, and they are creative, enthusiastic and ready to work with your church, association or ministry group. Just imagine what you could do with a group of energetic, mission-minded college students.

What can they do & How can they assist your ministry?

They can do just about anything you need or desire! They are trained in Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Vacation Bible School (LifeWay’s summer theme Galactic Starveyors), and they can even conduct a full church-wide worship experience. Below you will find a listing of some possible ministries that travel teams can help you with!

Youth Ministry

  • Assist in Youth Vacation Bible School
    (LifeWay’s Youth “Galactic Starveyors”)
  • Block Parties
  • Youth Bible Studies & Sunday School classes
  • Youth Outreach and Evangelism Activities
  • Youth Recreation Activities

Children’s Ministry

  • Assist in your Vacation Bible School
    (LifeWay’s “Galactic Starveyors”)
  • Backyard Kids Clubs
  • Children’s Camp
  • Children’s Sunday School classes
  • Children’s Recreation


  • Interpretive movement
  • Conduct Worship Services
  • Drama
  • Preaching
  • Testimonies
  • Music

Our summer missionaries view the summer of 2017 “as an opportunity to express and share their faith, their witness and their testimony.”

What do you have to do to request a team?

Submit your request either on the 2017 Travel Team Ministry Request Form (by fax or mail) or you can complete the online form below.

All requests should be submitted no later than Wednesday, April 5, 2017.

All requests will be carefully reviewed and assignments made on Wednesday, April 5. Email notification and letters of confirmation will go out as quickly as possible after April 12 so you can make/complete your summer plans.

How much does a travel team cost?

The majority of the expenses for our summer missions Travel Teams are provided through the faithful giving of Tennessee Baptist Churches to the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions (GOTM), and through funds raised for summer missions by our Tennessee Baptist Collegiate Ministries.

Do we have to pay them to come?

Team members receive a very small stipend for their summer ministry. Consequently, churches, associations, and ministries where the teams serve are asked, if possible, to provide a love offering/honorarium to the team, which goes 100% directly to the travel team members.

What is your responsibility with the team?

First and foremost, you are responsible for providing awesome ministry opportunities! You are also responsible for providing housing and meals for the team while they are with you. It is preferred that housing be in separate places for girls and guys. Housing can be in homes, camps, or some have placed them in local motels. It is requested that team members not be assigned to stay to someone’s home without an adult host staying with them.

In some situations, so as to keep down lodging costs, on your request form, we might ask if you can house the team for an additional night before or after a ministry assignment.

As you plan meals for the team, remember these are college students, and they like to eat!!!

Scheduling the team’s ministry

Our expectation is that you will work these summer missionaries! They are ready to be used but not abused!

We ask that you divide their day into 3 segments – morning, afternoon and evening. We ask that you plan ministry for at least 2 of these 3 segments each day, giving them the 3rd one for planning and rest.

Part of the determination of whether a team is assigned to you is based on the ministry and service they will give to you, your church and community. Be creative!

Indicate on the Ministry Form, how you plan to utilize a travel team each day.

Summer Schedule

Teams are available for 3, 5 & 7-day assignments. In your request, please be very specific as to when you want the team to arrive, when their ministry will be complete, and when they can leave for their next assignment. This is important as we plan their travel schedule.

Teams are available for ministry assignments beginning Friday, May 26 through Wednesday night, August 2.

Transportation Each team will have their own transportation with designated, trained drivers.

Team members are NOT allowed to drive other church/personal vehicles.

For More Information – Got Questions?

For information or any questions about our summer missions Travel Teams contact: Bruce Edwards, Youth Specialist, 615.804.1298.