March 1, 2015
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Children: Grades 1-6

Tennessee Baptist Convention is committed to helping churches reach, teach, and minister to children and their families. Church leaders have the awesome responsibility of creating a healthy environment where boys and girls feel loved and cared for as they learn about God’s love for them --- an environment that prepares them for the day when they recognize their need for a Savior. Our desire at Tennessee Baptist Convention is to partner with you in ministry by providing you with the knowledge and resources needed to provide an environment that leads children to discover God’s plan for their lives and how He wants them to live. Specialists are available to assist you with…

  • Training Events
  • Consultations
  • Safety and Security
  • Sunday School
  • Discipleship
  • Children’s Worship
  • Children’s Bible Drill
  • Resources

Contact Vicki Hulsey at 615.417.0105 for more information.


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