January 28, 2015
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Executive Board Election Process


The election process for the Tennessee Baptist Convention Executive Board is explained in the following excerpts from The Tennessee Baptist Convention Constitution and Bylaws.



  1. The Executive Board of The Tennessee Baptist Convention, a corporation, shall have charge of all the educational, missionary, benevolent, and other interests of the Convention. During the interim, between meetings of the Convention, the Executive Board shall have all the powers of the Convention except as limited by this Constitution, the Bylaws of the Convention, and specific action taken by the Convention in session.

  2. The directors shall be resident members of churches affiliated with The Tennessee Baptist Convention.

  3. The directors of the Executive Board of The Tennessee Baptist Convention shall be ninety-nine (99) in number, of which twenty-five (25) shall reside in each of the three grand divisions of the state. The remaining twenty-four (24) members shall be, as nearly as possible, distributed in proportion to the Baptist population in these grand divisions as reported to the preceding Convention.

  4. No director who has served two successive terms shall be eligible for re-election until such director shall have been out of office for three Convention years.

  5. Any director changing residence from the grand division of the state in which such director resided at the time of election shall continue to serve only until the end of the Convention year.

  6. Any vacancy on the board shall be filled by election for the unexpired term at the next regular meeting of the Convention.

  7. The president of The Tennessee Baptist Convention and the president of the Woman’s Missionary Union shall serve as ex officio members of the Executive Board of The Tennessee Baptist Convention.

  8. The executive director-treasurer of the Executive Board of The Tennessee Baptist Convention shall serve as an ex officio member of the committees on the Board.


A. Committee on Committees and Committee on Boards:
  1. Members of these committees should not nominate themselves to fill any vacancies existing on any convention standing committee or Convention board.

  2. Individuals over the state should be encouraged to send suggestions for nominees to these two committees, including supporting data as to their qualifications and availability.

  3. A form should be printed in the Baptist state paper by which suggestions could be made to these committees, the form bearing the signature of the person making the suggestion.

  4. The initial meeting of these committees each year should be announced as an "open" meeting when individuals or heads of institutions or Baptist and Reflector could appear before the committees to offer suggestions of and about possible nominees.

  5. The head of each institution should be asked to submit the names of three persons for each vacancy to be filled on his board, with supporting data on why these persons would make suitable board members, a practice that is now being followed.

  6. If the Committee on Boards considers someone else, other than a person suggested by the head of an institution, for any vacancy on a board, the committee should confer with that official concerning the qualifications of the person being considered, it being understood that the final decision on the nomination rests with the committee.

  7. The Committee on Boards should be aware of any requirements of the accrediting agencies which are related to our hospitals, colleges, academy, or children’s homes as requirements affect the work of the committee, keeping in mind the requirements of The Tennessee Convention Constitution and Bylaws. If and when conflicts develop in this area, the committee shall so advise the Convention and the Convention shall consider ways of reconciling the conflicts.

  8. These two committees should keep in mind the desirability of the following principles in making nominations: a broader representative from churches in geographical areas, differing sizes and types of churches, a variety of professional and educational backgrounds, different age groups, with both lay men/women and ministers included.

  9. These committees should not nominate a person to a Convention board or standing committee who receives a part or all of his salary from The Tennessee Baptist Convention or one of its subsidiary units.

  10. The Committee on Boards should no longer feel that all of its nominations should be confined to  the geographical area where an institution or Baptist and Reflector is located, but their nominees should be residents of Tennessee and members of churches affiliated with The Tennessee Baptist Convention.

  11. In implementing Bylaw IV, Section 2, of the Convention’s Bylaws in reference to board members for Baptist Memorial Health Care System, Inc., Memphis, the hospital should be required to show to the Committee on Boards that there is a demonstrable need for a board member proposed for service on the hospital board of trustees to serve on the board while also serving on another board as permitted by Bylaw IV, Section 2.

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