January 27, 2015
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Background Screening

Is your church making a good-faith effort to mitigate risk on behalf of your congregation?

The Executive Board of the Tennessee Baptist Convention (TBC) has negotiated with the Background Screening division of Kroll, headquartered in Nashville, TN, to provide cooperating Baptist churches access to world-class background screening services at a group rate. These services are all designed to facilitate the employment process by reducing the risk of involving dishonest and unsafe individuals (employees and volunteers) in your church programs.

Additionally, background screening works to protect your reputation in the community and safeguard potential charitable donations.

Kroll realizes that many churches have limited funding and background checking new employees or volunteers may seem like a discretionary expense. But it’s for good reason that performing background checks is a widely accepted practice in the United States. In fact, it’s estimated that 96 percent of U.S. organizations conduct some sort of pre-employment screening.1 Implementing a screening program is a critical step your church can take to provide better protection for your congregation, resources, and reputation.

A common mission.
Your church likely has numerous causes to which it dedicates resources both in the form of monetary donations and volunteer efforts. Perhaps more than any other type of business organization, a church relies on word of mouth Safeguarding your congregation through effective background screening.to attract and retain the members, donations, and grants that support its missions, thus making the retention of a good name all the more important. An effective background screening program can help your church:

  • Ensure safety of the congregation and those impacted by church programs
  • Avoid reputational damage
  • Protect charitable givings
  • Minimize potential for liability

Kroll recognizes the importance of the work done by TBC churches and is committed to furthering their common goal of helping others by helping those churches to reduce their exposure to unnecessary risks. Whether it’s screening the volunteers assisting children in the nursery and elderly congregation members in their homes, or staff members charged with overseeing proper allocation of your budget, Kroll can design a program to address your needs. By offering its services at deeply discounted rates, Kroll ensures you can afford the quality protection you deserve.

The cornerstone of Kroll’s success is accurate information, delivered quickly and compliantly, through easy-to-use technology. Kroll searches criminal histories, sex offender registries, and consumer credit information to help its clientele make informed decisions. What is more, Kroll goes straight to the source, obtaining records from county courthouses (or combing the same databases that court clerks use).

Establish an account with Kroll.
To take advantage of preferred pricing for Kroll's screening services, TBC member churches have two simple options:

  • Call Kroll at 800 697 7189 to speak with a sales representative. Be sure and identify yourself as a TBC member.
  • Visit Kroll's website, and enter your information.
Set-Up & Implementation for TBC Member Churches
1. Kroll will provide TBC cooperating churches with all of the appropriate documentation to sign and return to Kroll in order to begin benefitting from the discounted screening services being offered.
2. Upon receiving your church’s documentation, Kroll will proceed with setting up your account, implementing the correct configuration, preferred pricing, billing, contact, and reporting information.
3. Once your church's account has been set up, Kroll will customize specific investigative packages and/or a la carte requests to ensure your individual needs are being effectively met.
4. Kroll will then register the names of those individuals your church specifies should be authorized to request and retrieve background investigation reports for your account. Your church would be responsible for providing Kroll with the name, corresponding location, telephone, facsimile, and email of each authorized individual.
5. After receiving your authorized users’ information, Kroll will enter their names and passwords into its secure online system.
6. Each authorized user will receive a welcome email from Kroll containing a username and password, as well as a link to a pre-recorded Webex training session that will walk them through instructions for utilizing Kroll's online system. This email will also include directions for seeking additional assistance should it be needed. Furthermore, Kroll can schedule a live training session for all authorized users at the request of your church.
7. Finally, Kroll will train your authorized personnel on all components of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to ensure they have a clear understanding of the regulations affecting your church's background screening program. Kroll's in-house Legal team ensures that every report its clients receive complies with all applicable legislation.

Kroll will conduct the training specified in step six (6), above, at no cost to TBC cooperating churches. Kroll will continue to conduct all training for its web-based system for authorized users on an as-needed basis, which can be accomplished via the pre-recorded Webex demonstra¬tion. At any time, your church may merit live Webex training conducted by Kroll professionals. As training and support are part of an ongoing process at Kroll, Kroll has created online user support options to help keep your authorized users informed of the latest technology developments, updates, and enhance-ments to the system which are continuous and free of charge. Since its system is web-based, Kroll can offer up-to-date training and “help” programs without the major expenses of dedicated training time.

At Kroll, our approach, capabilities, and resources are tailored to help you Hire With Confidence™. To help safeguard your congregation, reputation, and resources through effective background screening, contact us today.

1 Schramm, Jennifer. “Background Checking”, HR Magazine, Jan. 2005. Published by Society of Human Resource Management. Kroll
100 Centerview Drive, Suite 300
Nashville, Tennessee 37214
800 697 7189

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