May 28, 2015
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The Office of Leadership Development seeks to provide resources and opportunities for equipping and developing church leaders to more effectively use their God given gifts.

Once leaders have life in proper perspective through self-examination, they are then able to develop the skills necessary for effectively balancing life and ministry as well as for providing healthy and effective leadership in a ministry setting.

Rapidly churches and corporate entities are moving into the team model. Jesus had a team whom we know as the disciples. The Team development seminars are designed with collaborative learning approaches. A process coach/consultant will partner with your church/team to help you reach your desired outcome.

As a leader in the body of Christ you are involved in a journey that has no finish line. The following services and seminars serve as the vehicle for development;

Building Powerful Ministry Teams - This dynamic and interactive multi-media workshop is very effective for team leaders and existing or newly-formed ministry teams alike. Leaders and teams experience the key biblically-based principles and practices necessary to become and remain results-oriented with a focus on relationship building. Building Powerful Ministry Teams is designed for ministry teams at all levels and to assist church leaders in discovering, developing, and producing cohesive, high-performing ministry teams.

Powerful Decision-Making - Builds and expands upon the biblically-based principles and practices covered in Building Powerful Ministry Teams. This one-day, hands-on workshop teaches ministry teams to use their “collective IQ” to achieve high-performance teamwork. Ministry teams identify, explore, and discuss the effects of key decision-making principles that leverage desired results in the ministry, whether the goal is hiring new staff, expanding ministry through building projects, or developing new programs.

High Performance Meetings - Meetings are the playing field of high-performance teams, but too often they are unproductive. Yet, when done well, meetings can be a powerful forum for creating teams dedicated to their purpose and each other. Building on the biblically-based principles and practices established in the Building Powerful Ministry Teams workshop, High-Performance Meetings uses a diagnostic tool to help participants surface issues that can keep them from achieving exceptional meeting results and create a shared commitment to increase the impact of their time together.

Transforming Conflict - From Strife to Synergy - As missionary leader George Vewer says, “Where two or three are together, this is bound to be a mess.” (Usually sooner than later!) We cannot avoid conflict, but we can make it work for us. In this half-day workshop, participants identify conflict sources and patterns, discuss possible results, learn to manage conflict to constructive outcomes, and explore the role of trust in relationships. Using biblical case studies, Transforming Conflict: From Strife to Synergy gives team members insight into their personal conflict style and the principles for managing healthy disagreement.

CD Rom - The Tennessee Baptist Convention, in partnership with the Moench Center for Leadership Development, has partnered to make CD-ROM selfstudy courses available to you. Church and Corporate entities have used these studies with proven success.

CD Rom Courses Available:

  • Servant Leadership Principles: Exploring the Journey
  • Servant Leadership Pathway: Following Biblical Pattern
  • Self-Understanding: Searching Your Own Heart
  • Trust Building: The Leadership Essential
  • Interpersonal Communication: Exchanging Personal Meanings
  • Assertive Leadership: Speaking the Truth in Love
  • Resolving Conflict: Dealing with Difficult People
  • Motivating Volunteers: Leading the Way Onward
  • Stress Management: Getting on Top of Stress in Ministry
  • Time Management: Having the Time of Your Life

Refocusing Phase II - Phase two is designed to develop strategic leaders who are personally up to the task and empowered with a process to help their churches discover and move into alignment with God’s desire for their next chapter. Phase two deepens the capacity of leaders so that they might lead their ministries to wider kingdom influence.

Team Survey - A team diagnostic that assists your team in evaluating its strengths and weaknesses against the characteristics of a high performance team. Using this data, a team is able to develop a practical and focused action plan for team development.

Team Profile - This unique diagnostic allows your team to graphically identify its stage of team development, and see the potential that could be obtained by achieving higher levels of team effectiveness.

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