May 27, 2015
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Leadership Development: Duplicate

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We have a deep desire to multiply Healthy Leaders and provide continued support to them. Once a leader’s skills have been realized, we want to support them in the process of identifying and equipping other Healthy Leaders. We also want to join churches in the journey of discovering its health and then partner with the church in producing generations of Healthy Leaders.

Effective leaders working at the team or community level realize that to be good stewards of the energy and efforts of those committed to work with them, they must honor the power of diversity and acknowledge that “none of us is as smart as all of us.” Now that the leader has discovered who he/she has been designed for and they understand the importance of trust, this phase seeks to empower individuals to work as a team and achieve not only acceptable results, but how to become a high performance team achieving exceptional results.

The duplication phase involves strategizing concepts of organizational effectiveness. Organizational effectiveness begins as the core values, purposes and vision for the organization are defined and clarified. A leader must understand how to align his or her organization to achieve its God-given vision. During this phase your team will do the following:

  • Developing a strategic plan for the church and organization
  • Becoming a purpose driven organization
  • Evaluating and analyzing key ministry areas of the local church

Natural Church Development - Natural Church Development seeks to assess the health of your church by examining eight guiding characteristics of healthy churches as defined by Christian Schwartz. The assessment survey will give you a clear picture of the health of your church.

MaxHealth - The MaxHealth paradigm is a self discovery tool that will lead your church to figure out the WHY behind the WHAT of the unhealthy areas of your church. This training also presents a focus on sharing your faith.

Process Consulting - The Path to Organizational Development - Our consultants’ and trainers’ preferred style of leadership is process consulting through a developmental relationship with you and your team. Process consulting involves coaching an individual or organization through collaborative choices toward development.

Personal and Team Assessments - Much like a physician who runs tests to determine a diagnosis and prescribed treatment regime, TBC’s set of assessment tools helps determine your team’s needs. The process consulting style of leadership development puts you and your team in the driver’s seat to determine the path of development. Our assessment tools make this a diagnostic science, not a subset of preferences and personal choices.

Strategy Planning and Preferred Futuring - Strategy planning and preferred futuring is a very organic process. Through questioning and examination of mission, vision, and values, we collaborate with teams and individuals to surface their preferred future state. Sessions are fluid and consensusdriven; we discuss such things as declared values versus real values. Although we use some Powerpoint presentation and video clips with these topics, group interaction using flip charts, data worksheets, and storyboarding is used to get to the real issues.

Executive Coaching - Executive coaching techniques are not only the leadership style of choice for most corporations but are also becoming a popular choice for pastors, ministers, and other Christian leaders. Executive coaching is critical to personal development. Coaching at this level may well change your Christian leadership life.

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