November 28, 2014
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Leadership Development - CD-ROM Courses

The Tennessee Baptist Convention, in partnership with the Moench Center for Church Leadership, has partnered to make CD-ROM self-study courses available to you.  Church and Corporate entities have used these studies with proven success.

CD-ROM Courses Available:


Servant Leadership - Principles: Exploring the Journey - Servant Leadership is an ancient idea that has become the premier focus in leadership and management today.  Promoting a servant-first mentality, this outlook is becoming an essential model for church ministers, who are discovering that this highly effective leadership approach also happens to be in essence the message of Christ!  Be a servant first!  This course helps you understand the basic principles of servant leadership practices and map your journey of servant leadership in life and work.


Servant Leadership - Pathways: Following Biblical Patterns - No example is more important to a Christian leader than the pathway followed by Christ.  The mandate of being a Christian requires discipleship, a following of the path laid by Him.  This course will demonstrate the role and importance of servant leadership as an essential ideal along that pathway, and will outline other important patterns of leadership in Scripture as well.  It will challenge and enable you as a Christian leader to explore and apply the biblical patterns of servant leadership to your own life and journey.


Servant Leadership Practices: Charting Your Course - Through intentional choices and consistent practices we chart our course for servant leadership after the pattern of Christ. This course seeks to enable you to chart your own course in the practice of servant leadership toward achieving Kingdom goals by examining the content of servant leadership, the context of its challenges and situations, and its conduct expressed in biblical examples and contemporary styles and models. Paul's example has challenged us down through the ages: "l press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." (Phil. 3:14 NIV)


Self-Understanding: Searching Your Own Heart - Self-understanding is the essential first step in interpersonal skill development.  It’s easy to let ourselves lead from a “minister image” but Christ taught us to lead from our own heart!  Searching your heart, knowing confidently who you are, and what your mission is, is the only way to communicate with honesty, self-disclosure, and purpose.  This course will guide you through a self-assessment of your leadership styles and priorities, and will demonstrate the importance of self-knowledge in leadership and interpersonal relationships.


Trust Building: The Leadership Essential - Trust building is the single most important challenge facing today’s leaders.  Trust among the staff, the congregation, community, family, and even oneself, is a function of relationship and self knowledge.  This course will:

  • Build ten steps involved in establishing and exhibiting trust in others.
  • Teach you ways to ensure that you are indeed trust-worthy and that others in the church and community know it!
  • Help you develop specific plans of action to improve the quality of trust in your church leadership.


Interpersonal Communication: Exchanging Personal Meanings - Communication is the heart of all interpersonal relationships.  The earnest exchange of meaning between individuals, small groups, churches, and denominational organizations is a necessary commitment on the path to church and interpersonal health, and it requires leaders who are skilled in the tasks, functions, channels and responsibilities of effective communication.  This course focuses on the interchange of meaning between individuals and small groups as an effective leadership skill in today’s churches.


Assertive Leadership: Speaking the Truth in Love - Walking in line between controlling and appeasing is one of the great challenges of leadership!  On one side, you may fall prey to an authoritarian model that is based on power, and on the other hand lie the dangers of passivity.  In between aggressive and passive approaches is one of the most important church leadership lessons to be learned in relating to others:  Assertiveness.  This course will demonstrate the principles and practices of assertive leadership, with the goal of helping you enjoy the benefits of consistent use of assertiveness in personal and work life.


Resolving Conflict: Dealing with Difficult People - In every organization - including churches - there are differences of opinions and competitions over goals, priorities and resources, and there will be people who are helpful and people who are unhelpful to the task of resolving these conflicts.  How much of your time that could be spent on the overall mission of the church is instead spent on dealing with those difficult people and addressing conflict?  How often do you avoid important issues just to side-step the conflict and difficult people that would surely follow?  This course for church ministers and lay leaders will introduce strategies for dealing with interpersonal conflict in the church.


Motivating Volunteers: Leading the Way Onward - The work of the church and its leaders can’t be done without volunteers.  Organizing and energizing a dependable team of volunteers is one of the central tasks of a leader in ministry.  Does this kind of behind-the-scenes work often feel like pulling teeth to keep the church operating on all levels?  It doesn’t have to.  This course will help you understand the nature of motivation, and develop strategies to recruit, build, and motivate a winning ministry team.


Time Management: Having the Time of Your Life - If you are a church leader who finds yourself saying “I never have enough time to do the things that should be done in the way they should be done,” then this course is for you.  Whether you are looking to balance work, life, and ministry, or trying to manage a staff and lead a congregation, this course will help you:

  • Do the important things first!
  • Move beyond “crisis-mode” scheduling.
  • Delegate responsibilities.
  • Assess your own time stewardship. Both in quantity and quality.
  • Develop strategies for identifying and overcoming your own "time-wasters.”


Cost: $25.00 per course.  Each includes a CD-ROM and workbook.

There are two ways to order:




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