November 20, 2014
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Leadership Development - Seminars

As a leader in the body of Christ you are involved in a journey that has no finish line.  Leader Development sessions are designed to help emerging and existing leaders to embrace Christ as their model for Spiritual leadership.  The development seminars are designed to empower any group (children’s workers, deacons, staff, volunteers, lay persons, etc) or individuals.

Leader Development Seminars Available:


Leadership Greatness - Transforming yourself into a “great” leader does not occur overnight.  It is a journey that starts and ends with the Master, is built up and torn down through circumstances, and has no finish line.  This workshop focuses on equipping and encouraging today’s Christians to be leaders in the home, in the ministry, and in the community where God has placed them.  Leadership greatness found God’s way is discovered through the understanding and clarity of these areas of personal development:

  • Calling
  • Contentment
  • Character
  • Crafting
  • Coaching

It is a JOURNEY that starts and ends with the Master.


The Coaching Leader - This workshop speaks to the leadership style called coaching.  It addresses four relationship cornerstones for coaching leaders:  Freedom, trust, respect, and fulfillment.  Participants and the facilitator, through video clips, PowerPoint presentations, and interaction, explore the roles of the coaching leader as motivator, assessor, developer, and guide.

SPEAKS TO the leadership style called coaching.


The Servant Principle -This leadership workshop helps leaders find true fulfillment through obedience to Christ.  The concepts in this workshop encourage your heart and give you a fresh perspective on our Master’s care and strength.  The Servant Principle challenges our core beliefs and values, rivets our affections on Jesus Himself, and compels us to live and love like Him.  This is a wonderful interactive workshop suitable for retreats, Bible conferences, and staff “off-sites.”

HELPS LEADERS find true fulfillment through obedience to Christ.


Developing and Managing People - Do you have what it takes to lead others?  How do you lead with Christ-like competence?  Do you coach for personal growth?  Can you manage for ministry results?  Developing and Managing People will provide the answers to these questions and provide you with the skills to be more effective in managing and leading others.  Discover the participatory style of management used by Jesus and the management tool of covenants.


Seven Steps To Becoming A Healthy Christian Leader - This is an excellent LEADERSHIP topic for men and women.  This short workshop provides time for the participants to personally reflect on each of the topics covered and discuss them with a small group.  Supported by Powerpoint, video clips, and a student workbook, this is an excellent leadership topic for men and women, students and couples.  Example topics include:

  • Develop a PASSION for reaching people
  • Deepen your intimacy with GOD
  • PERSEVERE through difficulties
  • Discover a VISION of what could be
  • SACRIFICE for God’s Kingdom
  • Strengthen your people SKILLS
  • ENJOY the journey


Five Traits of a Champion - This short workshop is designed to work in these venues and other scenarios where quick, succinct and powerful delivery is needed:

  • Middle and high school assembly programs
  • Athletic team meetings or camps
  • School band retreats (and other such group retreats)
  • Business luncheons

We explore:

  • Joseph
  • King David
  • Nehemiah
  • John the Baptist
  • Peter
  • Paul
  • Billy Graham
  • Sam Walton
  • John Wooden
  • Michael Jordan
  • 1960s Packers
  • 1970s Steelers

Five Common Traits of Champions
3. HARD WORK    


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