October 30, 2014
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Leadership Development - Leader Consultations

The Church Health Group provides Leader Health Consultations.  A Leader Health Consultant will sit with you and help you to assess the health of the leaders in your church.  The consultant will utilize proven techniques and will work with you in developing a strategic plan for long term healthy leaders. 

Leader Consultations Available:


Personal and Team Assessments - Much as a physician runs tests to determine a diagnosis and prescribed treatment regime, TBC’s set of assessment tools helps determine your team’s needs.  The process consulting style of leadership development puts you and your team in the driver’s seat to determine the path of development.  Our assessment tools make this a diagnosis science, not a subset of preferences and personal choices.

TBC normally conducts assessments after holding our flagship workshop, Building Powerful Ministry Teams.  Since some teams already know they need help in specific areas, we may diagnose team or personal issues through one of these assessments on the front end of the process.  The tools we use to do this are listed below.  (New tools are constantly being developed as TBC responds to needs discovered as we conduct workshops and assessments across the state.)

  • DISC Inventory (booklet)
  • Three-in-One Booklet (Spiritual Gifts and Passion and Calling Assessment)
  • Leadership Survey (companion booklet for our Leadership Greatness workshop)
  • Development Path (companion booklet for our Coaching Leader workshop)
  • Team Survey (booklet diagnostic for team issues based on the six characteristics of high-performance teams)
  • Team Profile (booklet diagnostic for placing your group on a matrix of group states, from “warring factions” to “high-performance teams”)
  • Four-in-One Booklet (similar to the Three-in-One tool, but with an additional section for women and family; excellent for women’s ministries)
  • Questionnaire Packet (a five-part packet that guides an individual staff member, associational missionary, church planter, or lay minister through a series of questions to identify a number of potential leadership issues)


Strategy Planning and Preferred Futuring - Strategy planning and preferred futuring is a very organic process.  Through questioning and examination of mission, vision, and values, we collaborate with teams and individuals to surface their preferred future state.  Sessions are fluid and consensus-driven; we discuss such things as declared values versus real values.  Although we use some Powerpoint presentation and video clips with these topics, group interaction using flip charts, data worksheets, and storyboarding is used to get to the real issues. 


Process Consulting: The Path to Organizational Development - Our consultants’ and trainers’ preferred style of leadership is process consulting through a development relationship with you and your team.  Process consulting involves coaching an individual or organization through collaborative choices toward development.  Collaboration, by definition, is a powerful concept that utilizes:

  • Teamwork
  • Partnerships
  • Group effort
  • Associations
  • Alliances
  • Cooperation
  • Relationships

TBC begins by exploring the meaning and purpose of high-performance process with you and your team.  After defining process itself, we investigate how to consult and coach others through their processes.  These processes are specific and relate to team development, personal development, strategic futuring, and their supporting assessments.

By collaborating to navigate the path to transformation and achieve desired outcomes, your TBC consultant becomes a trusted and influential coach alongside your leadership team.


Executive Coaching - Executive coaching techniques are not only the leadership style of choice for most corporations but are also becoming a popular choice for pastors, ministers, and other Christian leaders.  Executive coaching is critical to personal development.  Coaching at this level may well change your Christian leadership life.  Just a few of the ideas explored in the executive coaching environment are:

Interpersonal strategies for obtaining superior performance

  • Person initiatives and improvement technique
  • Gaining clarity
  • Self-development and behavioral issues
  • Performance objective
  • Short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals
  • Starting out at a new church (the first 90 days)
  • Navigating through change
  • Staff issues
  • Coaching for performance


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