January 27, 2015
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Discipleship Director Job Description

The discipleship director leads the church to have a vision for discipleship, to discover discipleship needs, and to carry out Discipleship Training actions. He or she accepts responsibility for and coordinates the church’s discipleship ministry. He or she should have good administrative and relational skills.

The discipleship director:

  • Invites and encourages people to be involved in discipleship
  • Manages and coordinates the enlistment and work of other discipleship leaders. This includes making sure leaders have the resources they need.
  • Meets regularly (monthly or quarterly) with the Discipleship Training leadership team (all Discipleship Training leaders) to plan, evaluate, and dialogue.
  • Looks for new opportunities to involve people in discipleship. This can include launching new types of ministry, such as TeamKID clubs for children, or expanding existing areas, such as starting a new ongoing group.
  • Coordinates the work of Discipleship Training with other church programs and ministries. In many churches, the discipleship director serves on the Church Council or Church Leadership Team.
  • Leads Discipleship Training to respond to discipleship needs surfaced by Sunday School leaders and other persons.
  • Affirms, encourages, and prays for discipleship leaders.

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