November 25, 2015
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Harvest 1-5-1 Online Training

Welcome to 1-5-1 Harvest Plant online training!

Before you watch the videos, be sure to download the 1-5-1 Harvest Training Manual.


After downloading the Harvest 1-5-1 manual (see right) you will want to watch the videos in sequence. The Introductory Videos with Bobby Welch will cover the material from page 6 through page 14. All of the information for the “fill-ins” will appear on the screen in the sequence they appear in the manual. The material on pages 16 and 17 are not covered on the videos, but the answers for the fill-ins are on page 45 of the manual.

The “3 Plant” Video Training

After you complete the Introductory Videos with Dr. Welch, you are ready to start the training for the specific plant strategy (church, branch, or group) you will be using. The church plant training is found on pages 20-23, the group plant training on pages 24-29, and the branch plant material on pages 30-33.

Important Note: While the videos will talk about all three plants, you can follow along on the pages related to your specific plant and fill in the blanks as they appear on the screen. All three plants are very similar and the panel will point out both the similarities and the distinctions in their discussions.

If you have any questions after watching the videos, please contact the TBC catalyst assigned to your church or email Steve Holt at for more information.

God Bless You as you start your Harvest Plant Journey!!!!


01a - Where We Are

01b - Commitment

01c - Harvest Plant Characteristics

01d - Harvest Plant Strategies

01e - What's Next

02 How to Choose

03 How To Start

04 How To Lead

05 How To Teach

06 How To Win

07 How To Baptize

08 How To Disciple

09 How To Multiply

10 How To Continue
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