January 29, 2015
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Solemn Assembly

Solemn Assembly: Fewer and fewer believers seem to be familiar with the term and even less have ever participated in one of these most holy sacred times of consecration and renewal.   There are no less than twelve in the Old Testament.  They were more than a service, in fact none were less than a day in length and most were several days.  The emphasis was not on the ceremony or the ritual but on repentance and consecration.   The call for a Solemn Assembly was first and foremost a call from God to His people to return to Him.  They focused more on the sins of the corporate body of Christ than on the individual believer.  The call for Solemn Assembly carried with it a strong warning (Isaiah 1) about making a Solemn Assembly into a mere worship service or ritual that was void of true humility, repentance and consecration.  A Solemn Assembly is a call from God to His people to return to Him.   It is like the cry to the church of Ephesus in Revelation to “Remember – Repent – Repeat”.  Because of its very nature it involves: A seeking of His face; A forsaking of sin; A humbling before the King of kings; A confession and a consecration; A renewal of covenants and commitments; A cry for help and a cry of hope; and it is a repentant heart that drives all those who participate.     
The Tennessee Baptist Convention desires to assist our churches in answering the need for Solemn Assemblies. We live in a time when true revival and awakening is desperately needed in our nation and among us as a people of the King of kings.   We must return to Him with all of our hearts.  We must ask for His searching of our hearts and we must respond to His Spirit with hearts of repentance. We must consecrate ourselves.  Our Lord deserves nothing less from us and the lost world needs for us to be salt that has not lost its savor.

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Prayer Prompts for the Solemn Assembly:

  • Pray that our pastors will be lead to know how to lead our churches during these Solemn Assemblies.
  • Pray that they will not be about "performance", "show", "vain and empty meetings" but that they will be characterized by true brokenness, humility, and desperateness before the throne of God.
  • Pray that God will convict, cleanse, and renew His calling in our lives.
  • Pray that a true spirit of repentance would permeate the meetings.
  • Pray that we would humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, and pray like we have never done so before.
  • Pray for true revival to come to us as a people as His holy presence finds humble and contrite hearts and spirits among us.
  • Pray that we would be delivered from religiosity, tradition, apathy, and indifference.
  • Pray that we will return to Him with all of our hearts.
  • Pray that we will ask for Him to search our hearts and that we would respond to His Spirit with hearts of repentance.
  • Pray that we will consecrate ourselves.
  • Pray for a sense of urgency would consume us and that reach the lost and equipping the saints would be done so by us with greater zeal.
  • Pray that He would be the Conquering King of kings and Lord of lords in the lives of His people and in the world. Pray that every stronghold would be destroyed in us and among us.

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