September 16, 2014
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More Life Downloads

Download these files to your computer by right-clicking and selecting "Save As."

Session 1 - In the Beginning: Video  |  Powerpoint

Session 2 - The Main Thing: Video  |  Powerpoint

Session 3 - What's Next: Video  |  Powerpoint

Session 4 - You Are Special: Video  |  Powerpoint

Session 5 - On the Road with Jesus: Video  |  Powerpoint

Session 6 - A Secret Weapon: Video  |  Powerpoint

Session 7 - Connections That Count: Video  |  Powerpoint

Session 8 - Onward: Video  |  Powerpoint

More Life Evangelism Teachers Guide

More Life Evangelism Learners Guide

More Life Guide 4-Up

More Life Clip Art

JPEG Logos:
  • small (200 x 157)
  • medium (500 x 393)
  • large (800 x 629)

More Life Student Edition

Mas Vida Teachers Guide

Mas Vida Learners Guide

Mas Vida Guide 4-Up

More Life Guide 4-Up

More Life Student Edition

Mas Vida Guide 4-Up

For more information or materials, please contact the Evangelism Department of the TBC at (800) 558-2090.

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