February 1, 2015
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TBREA (Tennessee Baptist Religious Educators Association)

What is TBREA?

The TBREA is comprised of a network of Christian educators whose purpose is to strengthen the educational ministry in the churches across Tennessee and to build professional fellowship among colleagues.

The TBREA is here to support you in your efforts and to offer you a basic resource for assistance and training through a network of Christian educators across the state.


Who Should Join?

Anyone working in the education ministry of the church (full-time, part-time, or volunteer) and students preparing for the education ministry.

  • Minister of Education
  • Minister of Single Adults
  • Minister of Youth
  • Minister of Children
  • Minister of Preschool
  • Minister of Discipleship
  • Minister of College
  • Minister of Senior Adults
  • Minister of Adults
  • Minister of Young Adults


Spring Retreat - This event is usually held in May at one of the state parks. There is time scheduled for conferences with a guest speaker, worship, relaxation, fellowship, networking, and recreation including golf and fishing.

Fall Banquet - This event is usually held in November in connection with the annual meeting of the Tennessee Baptist Convention. You will enjoy a great meal in addition to some entertainment.

Regional Meetings - Regional Vice Presidents plan meetings periodically in the east, west, and central sections of the state. These meetings usually combine fellowship and information with a meal.

Additional Events - Periodically, there are other events scheduled, such as a rolling bus trip to tour other church facilities.


For more information, contact Mark Miller (615) 476-5564.

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