March 6, 2015
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Legacy Builders

Get away with the guys – and with God – for a Legacy Builders Retreat that can change your life.

Legacy Builders

Work. Eat. Sleep. In today’s hectic world, it’s easy to let days, weeks, even years slip by without ever really considering the legacy that each of us leaves behind. We need a time to stop, reflect, and regain perspective on life. That’s what a Legacy Builders Retreat weekend is all about.

A Legacy Builders Retreat challenges the men of your church to rediscover the role of a godly man at home, through the church, and in the marketplace. It’s a time for reevaluating and renewing our priorities. It’s a time to begin building a legacy that will long outlive us.

Resources are available to help you plan, promote, and conduct a Legacy Builders Retreat. For leadership, there’s the Legacy Builders Retreat Preparation Manual. History happens one day at a time. Begin today by planning a weekend that your men can build upon for many years to come.

For more information contact:

Carrie Smith, Ministry Assistant, 615-371-2025


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