February 1, 2015
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Royal Ambassadors


Royal Ambassadors is a Bible-centered, church-based Southern Baptist missions education organization for boys in the first through sixth grades.


In response to inquiry about Royal Ambassadors being an alternative to Boy Scouts:

“Royal Ambassadors was started in 1908 by Woman's Missionary Union as a missions education organization for boys. While there are some elements of Royal Ambassadors that are like Boy Scouts such as camping, racing cars, and an achievement plan, RAs was established for the purpose of teaching missions to boys. This is still the purpose of RAs (1-6 grade boys) and Challengers (7-12 grade boys). Because our focus is on leading boys to Christ, teaching missions, and developing a Christ-like character, RAs is more than analternative to other boys' organizations. Rather, for Southern Baptists, Royal Ambassadors and Girls in Action should be an automatic part of the missions discipleship provided by a church because of the mission of the church to make disciples and teach them all that Christ has commanded.”


Royal Ambassador Resources

All resources, magazines, and products including badges are available through WMU. The customer service number is 1-800-968-7301 and the website is www.wmustore.com. Steve Heartsill is the editor of RA/C materials at national WMU. His email address is sheartsill@wmu.org.

Subscriptions for RA Leader, RA World and RA Leader Kit began with the September 2012 issue and may be ordered from National WMU. 

Mission Craft Kits, RA Racer cars, and RA Racecar tracks can be ordered from Make Tracks/Royal Racers Co., 192 Lovejoy Road, Sparta, TN, 38583, phone 931-935-8201 or see them on the web at www.royalracers.com and www.maketrackscompany.com.

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For assistance, contact Julie Heath at (615) 371-7919.
State Volunteer Coordinator: Brian Holt

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