February 27, 2015
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Sons of Virtue

Sons of Virtue
10-week study to turn father's hearts toward their sons; available at the Royal Ambassadors web site.

Instilling Godly Character in Boys

Every father knows that his boy will all too soon become a man. The same is true for boys in church who do not have a dad at home. All cultures need men of character, men with noble hearts, unafraid to take a stand for truth.

If you are like most fathers, the task of spiritually training your son seems overwhelming and leaves you feeling inadequate.

You don’t have to be a spiritual giant to make a giant impact in the life of your son or another boy in your church. Just spending time with your son already makes you a success.

How much is the investment of godly character worth? How much was it worth to you that someone took the time to invest in your life? That worth is perhaps immeasurable in human terms.

Boys need men of character to help them find their way. What do the boys in your church need most? They need mentoring by the men in your church.

Sons of Virtue is intended to help begin shaping that next generation of men who will take their places in leadership in the waning days of our generation. This material is very easy to use and easily adaptable to your schedule and lifestyle.

The study is focused on fathers who want to mentor their sons, but also for any man who feels compelled to help boys grow in godly character. It is possible for a man to lead a small group of boys whose fathers are absent or indifferent.

Sons Of Virtue is available from the North American Mission Board by calling 1-866-407-NAMB (6262) or click here. It opens with two short chapters of instruction for the father. The rest of the book details ten weeks of discussion and optional activities that produce quality time together during the one to two hour session once a week.

Although designed for use by fathers of boys in a Royal Ambassador Chapter, it can be use by any man who wants to mentor any boy. Suggestions at the end of the book are available for continuing your time together.

For more information contact:

Carrie Smith, Ministry Assistant, 615-371-2025



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