March 2, 2015
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TeamKID is a recreation-based discipleship club where each meeting is divided into five balanced and consistent parts.  It is designed for grades 1-6.  There is also Preschool TeamKID for ages 3-5.  You can use it in a variety of ways and times. To order call 1-800-458-2772 or visit the LifeWay Site at If you have questions, need some help troubleshooting, or would like someone to come and train your leaders, then contact one of our consultants, listed below. 

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TeamKID Consultants

Call for help with beginning TeamKID, teacher training, motivation or troubleshooting.
Brenda Linginfelter, Maryville 865-233-2581
Candy Macon, Knoxville 865-803-3174
Debbie Stewart, Hermitage 615-883-5034
Dianne Woody, Greeneville 423-639-3194
Joyce Holleman, Lebanon 615-758-7853
Linda Chinery, Mt. Carmel 423-357-5413
Todd Capps, Hermitage 615-403-8773

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